Tuesday, August 5, 2014

JULY Photo A Day

July was another epic month!!  So many fun times and memories made!

1. Red + White (polka dot ruffles on a baby bikini)
2. Something beginning with K (KAYAK! Just bought our 2nd one today!)
3. Match (my girls are going to match tomorrow for the 4th of July!)
4. Stars (1 in Chloe's hair!)
5. On the table (dinner - and Layla sitting up to it! The highchair tray might have seen it's last days.)
6. View (Buggy at the splash pad)
7. First (time BOTH girls got to ride with daddy together in his grader.  Chloe talked about it the whole day!)
8. I've never...(even thought about teaching Chloe how to make friendship bracelets until her babysitter taught her today! SO fun!)
9. Alive (celebrating this girl being on this earth for 6 years in 2 days!! Pedicures, lunch with the twins and shopping!)
10. Sharp (our toes looking pretty sharp with that bright pink polish!)
11. Gold (necklaces on my girls.  Happy Birthday Chloe Kay!!)
12. Interior (of our camping trailer with the back down and screens up - so nice for letting the fresh air in but keeping the bugs out!)
13. Look up (what I get when I tell her to look up - the lip)
14. Old School (sheriff's badge - found this for daddy Sheriff Clay Montana haha)
15. Torn (to go or not to go kayaking on the Clark Fork River with rapids...we did it and it was SO FUN!!!)

16. Listening to...(my girls laughing at each other in the backseat as we are on the road to find our next camping destination in Montana.)
17. Sunshine (last morning camping and waking up to the sun rising through the trees.)
18. Admire (the gorgeous view from my kayak on Swan Lake.)
19. Curly (my hair started out that way anyways but isn't so much anymore!  Oh well still enjoying the day with my cousin Danielle!!)
20. Moment (such a fun one to remember - last night McCall's and McGuire's first sleepover! At our house after Chloe's pool party!)
21. Basic (no toys required just a couple blankets keep her busy and happy.)
22. I wore this! (NOTHING! Nakey girls running thru the sprinkler!)
23. Macro (hermit crabs made by Chloe from our Kiwi Crate box.)
24. Water (throwback Thursday wishing I was back on the Clark Fork River kayaking and loving life on the water!)
25. Home (Love that my best friend came home for an evening of swimming and dinner with our babies and moms!  Cheers!)
26. Fun (wedding tonight to celebrate Jeff and Kelli and even more fun is a daddy/daughter dance!)
27. Ten (fingers up trying not to touch the water limbo.)
28. Cool (trying to stay cool in this hot heat with ice cream sandwiches.)
29. Repeat (loves her new baby so much that the hugs and snuggles could be on repeat!)
30. Lost (I would be lost without these two in my life!)
31. Rise (the sunrise is simply gorgeous this morning!)

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  1. Love them all! Every time you post one of these I wish I had gotten my act together and started doing it! Such a fun way to document life! Oh and the place in the pictures is Ritzville Water Park. It's only a few dollars to get in and its rarely crowded!


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