Thursday, August 28, 2014

Layla 18 Months

Layla Wade is 20 months now!  We had her pictures taken when she was close to 18 months and just had her 18 month check-up so I'm overdue on an update!  

She is our busy, happy-go-lucky girl.  I call her my free spirit.  She has no fear and goes until she tells us she is ready to go to bed.  She is saying lots of new words these days and pretty much will copy anything you tell her to say.  She still likes to point and wave her finger and say UH UH UH most of the time.  Here are a few of my favs...
lub u sissy
lub u dada
tank oou
nigh nigh
hi dama (hi grandma)
poo (pool)
bankey (blankie)

Her all time favorite thing is her babies - all 50 of them!  HA!  No really she has literally stolen ALL of Chloe's babies.  Good thing Chloe is more interested in Barbie's and Lego's!  She is so precious as she always tucks them in with blankets and then puts her finger to her lips and tells us shhhhh! What a good little mommy she is! 
She still sleeps with her favorite stuffed baby doll and her 2 blankets every night.
She is not picky when eating and likes everything especially kanndee
She loves the water and going to the pool or the river.  Just this week she plugged her nose and put her face in the water.  She has to do everything big sister does and I'm sure that's where she learned this!
She randomly will hit or kick Chloe - no clue where she picked this up but she is ornery!
She is not much of a cuddle bug and would rather you just put her in her crib and say good night.
She had her first dental check up and she did so good!!  The dentist said usually at that age they sit on mommy's lap and they just count their teeth.  Well Layla sat up in the chair all by herself and even let them "clean" her teeth!  Way to go Bugs!!
We had her 18 month check up last week and her stats were as follows:
Height 33" (68%) Her growth for height has leveled off
Weight 27lbs 3oz (88%)  Still packing on the lbs;)

We LOVE you BUGGY!!!

See my teeth!

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  1. Love these pictures. Too sweet. This is SUCH a fun age! Exhausting, but fun. Haha :)


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