Monday, August 18, 2014

Lazy Days of Summer

 Last Sunday we enjoyed a lazy day of summer!!  Daddy was harvesting, the house was clean and laundry all caught up (a rarity these days) and the sun was shining!!  The girls and I spent the whole afternoon out on the back patio soaking up the vitamin D.  We filled up the pool and got a sprinkler going to cool off.  While Buggy napped Chloe and I sat in the pool and then we brought out a big blanket in the grass and put Legos together.  It was good mommy/Chlo time!  And then after a good 2+ hour nap Buggy came back out to play more and Grandma came down to join us.  It was a much needed down day!  And then it was time for baths and to get ready for another busy week ahead!
Sisters are the best!!

If you're happy and you know it then your face with surely show it...

My favorite CHEESE 

And then they dressed up as Elsa and Ana

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  1. Those days are the best! I wish I could bottle those blissful moments and keep them for the more difficult days of mommyhood. Haha :) Looks like a wonderful day with your two sweet girls! Love the Anna and Elsa costumes!


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