Wednesday, August 6, 2014

More Instagrams in July

More Instagrams in July...
My #mancrushmonday.  The love he has for his girls is my fav!!

Good thing they fell asleep before 8pm cause I have some wrapping to do for a girl that turns 6 tomorrow!! #bestcuddlebugs

Vaca time!!! #montanaorbust

Good thing the tooth fairy come to Montana cause this girl has lost 3 teeth on our camping trip!! #toothless #montanaorbust

Wedding fun with my favorites!!

She's in cowgirl boot love over her new/first pair of boots!!  Ready to tear it up at the fair!

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  1. Such great pictures! LOVE the one of them sleeping so close together! And those cowboy boots. SO cute! Where did you get them??


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