Sunday, August 17, 2014

NO Mouth!

We are constantly telling Buggy "NO MOUTH."  She doesn't like to listen;)  So the first Saturday of August it was no surprise that she had put something in her mouth and swallowed.  My friend Nicole, Grandma and I were all there sitting in the kitchen visiting while we waited to go pick up the big kids from a birthday party.  We saw her swallow and as she did we all asked her "what do you have in your mouth?"  She pointed to her throat once or twice motioning that whatever it was hurt going down or was stuck in her throat.  I offered her water but she refused.  At that time she ran off down the hallway.  A few minutes passed and Nicole and I packed her up in the car with us to go check on the big kids.  She coughed a time or two but we didn't think much of it.  When we got home we left Buggy with daddy and headed out with sleepover bags to take to the kids.  As I returned I heard a strange whistle/wheez sound as she was running around and breathing.  I said something to Clay and he told me that while we were gone she was coughing and making that sound a bunch.  I was worried.  I told him to call his mom but at that same instance I knew we needed to take her to the ER.  And to confirm my feelings Nana said take her NOW!  We arrived at the ER here in our town and the Dr. was worried about the sound he was hearing as she ran around.  They took an X-Ray of her chest but since the object wasn't metal nothing showed up.  The Dr. was very concerned with her running around that whatever it was could dislodge at any moment and block her airway.  He said she needed to be transported to SH Children's Hospital.  We were scared but I was trying to hold it together as Daddy was losing it. What could it be I wondered as we waited for the ambulance and all I could come up with was one of Chloe's tiny Lego pieces. I can now say I have rode in an ambulance.  Layla and I both.  I hope to never have to do it again.  Buggy was having too much fun in the ambulance as we made our way to the hospital.  The EMT was teaching her how to listen to her own heart with the stethoscope and then they put gloves on and patty caked.  We arrived safely and were put into another ER room.  About this time she was getting very tired as it was past her bedtime.  Another scan showed nothing so it was determined that they would have to do a scope.  It was 12:30, middle of the night, so they would put us in a room for the night and do the scope the following day.  Poppy had come with Clay for support.  At that time when we knew we would just be moving to a room Clay took his dad home.  We didn't get moved to our room until 2:30 am.  Luckily Layla slept and as she did I just watched her breathing making sure she was at all times.  It was a LONG 2 hours.  When we got to the 3rd floor they woke her to put an iv in her little hand.  She had to have an iv since she wasn't going to be able to eat or drink until the scope. I had just fallen asleep on the couch in her room when Clay walked in.  He sobbed as he saw his little girl in that crib laying there sleeping.  It is such an awful sight seeing your child in that hospital crib and you feel just helpless.  Layla woke in the morning her happy self and we walked down to the playroom with her iv still hooked up.  Although challenging she still managed to play.  Later that day, big sister, Nana, Poppy and Grandma all came to visit.  They helped pass the day as we waited for the Bronco-scope.  It was originally scheduled for 3:00 pm but we didn't even go down to pre-op until then.  It was a really long day.  By this time we don't hear anything different in Layla's breathing so we wonder if she just passed it...  I will always remember the nurse carrying my baby away as she screamed "MAMA, MAMA, MAMA!!!"  It was awful leaving her but I had put my faith into the Dr. and the anesthesiologist as they put her under general anesthesia.  At this point I lost it - I was a wreck. I cried and prayed a whole lot as that hour passed.  And then a nurse came up finally as we were getting pretty anxious.  You would not believe what she said to us "I'm sorry we lost her...cell phone number."  WHAT?!!!!!  Clay and I thought for sure this lady was telling us that we lost our girl for a second and that was terrifying!!  After being reassured that she was fine and doing good we waited for the Dr. to come tell us what they had found.  "It's a bead" he said.  A bead???  And then I saw was the tiny, clear plastic backer that comes on some earrings!!!  I couldn't believe it and was in absolute shock to find out what it was.  That last Wednesday I bought Chloe her first set of earrings as it was almost time for her to be able to remove her pierced ones.  I knew or could have swore all those earrings were still attached and on the cardboard they came on!  The Dr. explained that it was probably one of the hardest things he has tried to remove out of a toddler's lungs.  It had moved all the way down into a pocket in the bottom of her lungs and so it made it extremely difficult to remove. The Dr. said he tried using a vacuum type device to suck it out, then he tried using tweezers to pull it out and finally the 5th time down got it with a small tool that they use for a completely different surgery.  It was finally time to see our precious baby!!!  She thrashed as she came out of the anesthesia and didn't like the breathing treatment they were giving her.  I didn't like seeing her like that but had hope this nightmare was going to be over soon!!  We stayed that night since it was so late and the nurses came in to do breathing treatments every 2 hours.  She didn't do bad with them as she slept.  And I might have gotten a couple hours of sleep on the couch that night too.  The next day we thought we were going to be going home.  Didn't work out that way!  Layla's breathing was really labored and every 2 hours she was croupy and needed a breathing treatment.  She HATED the breathing treatments. She would sit on my lap as I held her down with that smoke going to her mouth and nose and just cry and squirm and try to hide her face from it:(  Finally when daddy held the breathing tube and I distracted her with her favorite YouTube lullaby video she did tolerate it. After taking breathing treatments all day the Dr. wanted to try steroids in her iv to see if that would help.  So that night she took the steroids which made her really restless but helped her breathing 100%.  Tuesday morning we were on our way home at 10:00 AM!  PRAISE GOD!  Our little girl was going to be OK!!!  And after a couple days she was completely back to her busy busy self!!! We LOVE you so much Buggy!!!  Now NO MOUTH!!!
The culprit next to a cheerio - TINY!!!
More photos from the ambulance ride and in the hospital.

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  1. Oh my goodness this sounds absolutely terrifying! I hadn't been on FB for a day or so and didn't hear about it until your last day there I think. SOOO glad she is ok and I can't believe that tiny little earring back could cause such a huge problem! She looks so sweet in the hospital pictures. What a nightmare though! Poor baby, and poor Mama! I'm sure it was 100 times worse for you and Clay than it was for her! Praise God she is fine!


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