Monday, August 4, 2014

Scharbach says "I DO"

Our good friend Jeff finally put a ring on it last weekend!  We are thrilled for him and Kellie as well as her son Hunter!  It was a really hot day but the wedding was a great time!
Blurry and taken from my phone but I still like this one of our family!

Can't believe how grown up Chloe looks in this picture!!  Toothless and gorgeous!

And one with Buggy looking:)

Poppy and Nana with their best girls!

Chloe and her friend Kaity who was a flower girl

Jeff and his best men - Poppy, Daddy and Uncle Luke

This is what my girls did for hours and hours - JUST DANCED!!!

Then Buggy found this little boy to follow around;)

Chloe and Addie eating dinner

Clay giving a toast!  CHEERS to Jeff and Kellie!
  Buggy dancing in mommy's shoes

She was SO dirty by the end of the night from dancing without shoes!  AND see her toe all wrapped up from a cut?!  HAHA silly Buggy!

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  1. Love the family photo! Those dresses are too cute. Looks like they had a wonderful time tearing it up on the dance floor! :)


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