Thursday, September 4, 2014

AUGUST Photo A Day

August. The last summer month gone:(  Makes me sad! 
1. landscape (flashback Friday to some pretty landscape on our trek thru Montana)
2. lunch (at Azteca with my fav girls - grandma, Chlo and Buggy)
3. s is for...(sisters that love to give kisses)
4. in the middle (Buggy surrounded by her blankies and babies)
5. pile (of baby dolls)
6. grateful for...(this girl being OK and home from the hospital!!!  And warm hugs from Olaf;))
7. spot (trying to steal grandma's but she made room for both of them)
8. pet peeve (selfies!)
9. mix (nakey baby, high heels, 1 glove and ice cream...what a mix!)
10. art (painted rock with googley eyes made by Buggy)
11. mirror (I see a make over in the making with lots of red lipstick!)
12. gather (around for a group pool party photo!  Happy Birthday Chase!)
13. Inside (the pool again! Night #2 pool party in a row.  Happy Birthday Elly!)
14. give (these two are not shy on giving me silly faces!)
15. clouds (are numerous today as it looks like a storm is coming!)
16. clean (it is going to take some scrubbing to get her clean with all that sand all over!)
17. dinner (fried zucchini is sooo yummy!)
18. to-do (ice bucket challenge!)
19. before bedtime (asleep on the couch!)
20. arrow (a good way to tell it's almost hunting season, daddy has the bow and arrows out!)
21. decorate (baby nails)
22. words (a good reminder as I still struggle with this)
23. style (mama got her trucker hat!!)
24. fragrant (one of my favorite smells - Johnson and Johnson bath baby)
25. mail (I received these Jamberry's in the mail yesterday for winning a game of bingo.  I didn't like them when I first saw them but they turned out to be pretty cute on!)
26. breakfast (IsaLean Shake)
27. dull (never a dull moment with these two! Tonight our entertainment is a concert put on by this dancing/singing duo)
28. travel (how best friends do it - arms around each other.  Together they can conquer recess!)
29. dessert (ice cream!)
30. nearby (on top of the hill between our house and town)
31. 10am (yard cart rides from dada)

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  1. LOVE the naked baby in heels pic. Too cute!

    It's a 17 hour drive to Hill City. I was totally surprised by all there was to do there! We made the trip longer by stopping off in Yellowstone. I would definitely suggest either skipping Yellowstone or giving it a few days because we spent the whole time driving through it and consequently didn't have any time to stop at any of the cool places (and still get to our hotel at a decent hour), but with your camper you could have an endless list of places to stay. Just make your reservations EARLY! That's why we had to drive so much that day. Apparently people make reservations 6-12 months ahead of time. Everything was booked by the time I tried to find something (a month before we went). It's quite the popular destination! The Ranger at Mt.Rushmore said that 80% of their year's total visitors come in the August!


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