Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Last year in Kindergarten if Chloe read so many books then she got a free ticket to Silverwood.  She accomplished it and so did McCall and McGuire.  We had planned on going in August but when the day came close it was supposed to be over 100 degrees.  TOO HOT!  We put it off and went in the 2nd weekend in September instead.  It was the PERFECT time to go!  The cost for me to get in was half what it would have been in the summer since the water park was closed. AND there was not many people there which meant hardly any lines at all!!  The weather couldn't have been any more perfect either!  When we arrived we headed straight for the cars...

Then the girls went on the helicopters.


The girls waited a really long time for the Ferris Wheel, which turned out to be somewhat scary for Chloe but they did it!

Waiting for the train to arrive!


On the train!

Sheriff Marshall!!


My favorite thing to watch the girls on was these bumper cars - they were laughing so hard!

Then we saw Garfield!

Right after this cute picture was taken McCall decided to see what Garfield's eyes felt like and jumped up and poked his poor eyes out!!!  We were all shocked when she did it and felt bad but then couldn't quit laughing about it.  A little later we heard another mom scolding her daughter for punching Garfield in the stomach.  Poor Garfield was taking a beating!!


Frog ride!

Huge swing!

love their faces in this one!

Log ride!

McCall and I went on this ride together and someone put a quarter in and soaked us.  So when the girls went together McGuire put a quarter in and soaked them!

They thought it was funny at first but right about then was when the park was getting ready to close and it really cooled down.  Then it wasn't so funny - they were cold!

$5 winner winner - Chloe was thrilled with her cheetah

Ice cream for dinner!

Our "we survived" Silverwood picture!  I love it!  Such a fun day! 
Get to reading kids - we can't wait to go again next year!

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  1. Looks like such a fun trip! This is a great idea to go after Boulder Beach is closed! We've been wanting to take the girls to Silverwood for a while now, but I don't want to do both the waterpark and the rides on the same day. I wish you could buy a pass for one or the other instead of both. We will have to do this next year!


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