Sunday, September 28, 2014

spokane interstate fair

We had the best time at the Spokane Interstate Fair this year!  So far our best year yet!  The weather was absolutely perfect!  Usually it's too hot but this year we started out in jackets and eventually took them off as it warmed up.  Aunt Jessi went with us this year which also made it extra fun and special.  The girls LOVED riding the ponies.  I took a lot of pictures on my phone as I forgot my camera this day:(  Darn it!!  So the pictures aren't the best but oh well I still managed to capture some fun moments.  After pony rides we saw the rest of the animals.  Then we ate some yummy fair food and walked around a bit more before going to the rides.  Chloe was all about the rides this year and if Layla had been tall enough she would have done them all too!  SUCH a fun day!!!  Gotta love the Fair!
Face painting + rides = FUN!

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  1. Looks like fun! We haven't been in a couple years. I'm not a huge fan of crowds so our little fair here suits me just fine. :)


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