Friday, October 10, 2014


Last Friday I took the day off since Chloe didn't have school.  We took a family day and headed up to Greenbluff.  Usually we go to Harvest House and Knapp's but this year we decided to check out a different farm - Siemer's.  It was a very fun farm - expensive though!  Every little thing cost money.  Next year I will just pay for the tour for every one then you can do everything without paying for each little thing.  Like I said despite the cost it was lots of fun.  After Siemer's we headed to Harvest House to take some annual pictures and then we ate lunch out on their patio.  It was DELICIOUS! 

Layla excited that she was finally out of the truck!


C riding one of the cool bikes they had

Little Toot ride!

Then we all went on the train ride.  Layla was so excited "TAIN TAIN TAIN!"
I love this picture of my babies!

Pumpkin patch!

The castle!!!

Chloe and I did the maze to get to the castle.

Inside the castle!


Pirate ship!


Getting SO TALL!

Picking pumpkins.  We actually didn't take any pumpkins home because we are going to go to our local pumpkin patch again this year and get them.

Hanging out in Pumpkin Land;)

Another fun day at our annual Greenbluff day!

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  1. Fun! We've been to Seimers the last couple of years. I'm kind of ready for a change. Are the other ones similar? I think I've been to Knopp but it was a long time ago and I don't remember it.


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