Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dance studio birthday PARTY

On Friday Chloe was invited to a joint birthday party for her friends Selah and Chloe.  They had the birthday at our local dance studio which was super cute because the dance teachers taught them a dance.  The theme was Seattle Seahawks so we got the girls Seahawks scarfs and hair ties.  What a fun party!! Happy 8th Birthday C and S!!!

Chloe with birthday girl S!

Learning the dance!

The entire crew

Birthday girls with their Seahawks cupcakes

Chloe and her friends performing to the song "Let it Go"

Chloe with birthday girl C!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fall is for playing in the leaves...

I think the 2nd Saturday in November was our LAST gorgeous fall weather day.  We started the day with family pictures which I'm crossing my fingers some turned out.  It's a little difficult with an almost 2 year old especially when we are outside and she is at such an age for exploring.  When we got home we noticed we had some leaves in our front yard from our maple tree.  What do you do when you have leaves - you JUMP IN THEM!!!  So that is what we spent the next hour doing - just playing in the leaves!  Good thing we enjoyed them while they were there because not long after we went inside daddy mowed them all up with the mower. 
I love these how these pictures turned out!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More Instagrams in October

More Instagrams in October!
Time for a little Halloween Throwback Thursday!
My "Brave" girl in 2012.
 "I love my sister and we were at Greenbluff today!" - Chloe Kay

Halloween Throwback Thursday -
Back to 2011 when CK was obsessed with the movie "The Lion King" and insisted on being Nala.

True that!!!  I have learned over the years that sometimes people come into your life to teach you something.  Maybe it's something about you.  Or maybe it's just to show you what you DON'T want or need in a friendship/relationship.  Maybe they are there to open your eyes to how crappy some people and situations can be so that you will cherish the good, steadfast people that are already in your life (and always have been).  I've also learned that things don't work when you are the only one in a situation willing to reach out, forgive, work through things, and fight for it.  If you are trying and they aren't - it's over.  If you are the only one trying then you are the only one who cares.  Obviously they don't.  These things only work if BOTH people want it.  Don't let rejection get you down - you are meant for better things.  LET IT GO!!  Life is too short to worry about should've, would've, could've...BE YOU!  Keep the quality people in your life and let the rest fade into the sunset.

Halloween 2014 costume hint...

Ready for "pink day" at school for breast cancer awareness month. 
My girl and her cheetah everything!

More pink, pink, pink!

Nightly piggyback rides are the new thang;) 
#gigglesfordays #bigsistersrock

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf??!!  

Pumpkin Patch!

Unprompted kisses make my heart SO happy!

Last flag football game and I just paid out $3 to this girl! 
When we told her we would give her $1 per flag she got after it! 
Go Dolphins!

Chloe has been begging me to bring Layla for show & tell all year. 
Today she got to be that proud big sister in front of her classmates and she loved every minute!

I'm watching you.
#withwhicheye #halloweenparty #trickortreats

Spider hair for school on Halloween.

Monday, November 17, 2014

October Photo A Day

October was another great month and we had some beautiful almost "not like fall" weather! 

1. A is for...(apple chips)
2. B is for...(Buggy)
3. C is for...(Chloe Kay)
4. D is for...(daughters)
5. E is for...(eyes - so pretty and blue)
6. F is for...(friend - Sawyer)
7. G is for...(goodnight - fell asleep on dada tonight)
8. H is for...(haircut - first one)
9. I is for...(I spy...Buggy and Elmo)
10. J is for...(jersey - Chloe in her flag football jersey showing off her displayed artwork in the gym)
11. K is for...(kiddos)
12. L is for...(Layla Wade as Little Red Riding Hood)
13. M is for...(mums)
14. N is for...(Northern Quest dancing with Nic)
15. O is for...(October Pinot's Painting)

16. P is for...(piggy back rides)
17. Q is for...(quiet time - or not)
18. R is for...(red sparky's vest)
19. S is for...(sweet sisters)
20. T is for...(teeth)
21. U is for...(under - her blankie)
22. V is for...(very cute with pigtails)
23. W is for...(watercolors)
24. X is for...(xtra help with pumpkin guts)
25. Y is for...(youth - she looks too old in this picture and it scares me and daddy)
26. Z is for...(zzz = lights out, it's bedtime)
27. One (my first born baby girl)
28. Two (my second born baby girl)
29. Three (great friends)
30. Four (throwback to 2 years ago and our four little pumpkins)
31. Five (my baby lover Layla and her five babies)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Costume Photo Shots

Last year we went into Spokane for Jenice's Costume Photo Shots.  This year I mentioned it to a friend and she said "why don't you ask her to come out to Davenport?!"  What a great idea!!  I asked a couple friends and ended up getting 13 people interested.  Jenice the photographer said that she had more costume photo shots in Davenport than she did in Spokane so it was a great success!  YAY!  Another friend offered to let us have the photos taken out at her red barn which made for a perfect back drop. I just love how they turned out!! 
My Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf

 Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Halloween 2014. 
What a fun night!  My little red riding hood and big bad wolf were excited and ready to trick or treat!  We had Nana, Poppy, Aunt Chris, Grandma and the Barta family over for Jack O' Lantern pizzas and then it was time to fill bags with candy!  I don't know if it was the weather or the fact that there was a football game going on that night but hardly any houses were lit up.  I think we got half the amount of candy as we did last year.  Not that I'm complaining about less candy!!!  Layla was really good at saying "tick or teat" this year and tried her hardest to keep up with the 2 Chloe's!

where's the candy??

Little Red Riding Hood Layla, Kitty Cat Chloe, and Big Bad Wolf Chloe

Auntie D. was all dressed up!

Trick or Treat