Monday, November 17, 2014

October Photo A Day

October was another great month and we had some beautiful almost "not like fall" weather! 

1. A is for...(apple chips)
2. B is for...(Buggy)
3. C is for...(Chloe Kay)
4. D is for...(daughters)
5. E is for...(eyes - so pretty and blue)
6. F is for...(friend - Sawyer)
7. G is for...(goodnight - fell asleep on dada tonight)
8. H is for...(haircut - first one)
9. I is for...(I spy...Buggy and Elmo)
10. J is for...(jersey - Chloe in her flag football jersey showing off her displayed artwork in the gym)
11. K is for...(kiddos)
12. L is for...(Layla Wade as Little Red Riding Hood)
13. M is for...(mums)
14. N is for...(Northern Quest dancing with Nic)
15. O is for...(October Pinot's Painting)

16. P is for...(piggy back rides)
17. Q is for...(quiet time - or not)
18. R is for...(red sparky's vest)
19. S is for...(sweet sisters)
20. T is for...(teeth)
21. U is for...(under - her blankie)
22. V is for...(very cute with pigtails)
23. W is for...(watercolors)
24. X is for...(xtra help with pumpkin guts)
25. Y is for...(youth - she looks too old in this picture and it scares me and daddy)
26. Z is for...(zzz = lights out, it's bedtime)
27. One (my first born baby girl)
28. Two (my second born baby girl)
29. Three (great friends)
30. Four (throwback to 2 years ago and our four little pumpkins)
31. Five (my baby lover Layla and her five babies)

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  1. Looking at some of these makes me realize again what gorgeous fall we had! Those warm temperatures were wonderful. I'm sad that it's over now, but it does put me in the Christmas mood. :)


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