Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Eve

 Christmas Eve fell on my normal Wednesday off so I was able to spend the day home with my family which I loved.  All the girls in our family made plans to go to Carolyn's to make cookies and do some crafts for the day.  This gave us the perfect opportunity to set up Chloe's loft bed from Santa.  I sent the girls with Grandma over to Carolyn's and I frantically started taking everything out of Chloe's room.  Nana and Poppy came over to help me take her old bed apart in time for Clay and Greg (who built the loft bed for us) to deliver and assemble the new bed!  After we got it all set up I went over to craft with my girls and make cookies.  Later in the afternoon when we came home I had left a note from Santa saying "I left a gift early for you because it was too heavy for my sleigh but I will be back tonight with your other gifts - love Santa." She read that and headed to her room where the look of excitement lit up her face!  Both girls LOVE the bed!!  Now I just need to make curtains for it so she has a little fort underneath.

Around 4pm we headed to Grandma's house to open gifts from her.  The girls were thrilled when they opened new baby dolls from Grandma along with diaper bags and blankets to go along with them.

I love this picture!!

After that we went home to host appetizers at our house for Christmas Eve.  We had the whole family over along with the Barta family which was so fun!

Layla in her new Christmas Eve jammies.  Can you tell daddy picked these out?! HA

Then Auntie D and the Chloe's had to find out where Santa was on his trek.

Layla being silly.

Both girls in their jammies!

Tickle Time!

What it looked like after Santa came!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

November Photo a Day

 November Photo a day done!
1. Something blue  (the painted heart on Chloe's polka dot pottery "MOM." At Izzy's birthday party and the kids could pick any animal/thing you could think of and my special girl picks the MOM one!)
2. I saw this! (Buggy plugging her nose and putting her face in the water in the hottub!)
3. Weather (fall)
4. Can't live without (her 2 blankies)
5. 8 o'clock (margaritas and Mexican food to celebrate Nicole's birthday)
6. Made me smile today (these two sillies)
7. On the floor (every single toy you could imagine courtesy of these four!)
8. A place (turkey bingo!)
9. Heck yes! (We had a fun girls night celebrating Nic's birthday last night!)
10. I do this everyday (drink coffee)
11. A set (of kitty shirts and star skirts)
12. Normal (just a norm day at the Hammond house of princess dress and wig wearing.)
13. Letters (written by CK)
14. For me (busy swimming but turned and flashed a fake smile just for me to get a picture.)
15. Hot + Cold (out of the hot bath and into the cold air.  Thank goodness for bathrobes!)

16. After (swimming in the pool we have snack!)
17. Cooking (green beans)
18. I love this (picture of my girls!!!)
19. Whole (these people have my whole heart!)
20. Bright (Nic had this bright idea to go have a margarita while our girls attended a birthday party. Cheers!)
21. Shoes (a girl and her paten leather boots)
22. A favorite thing (her "mankie" aka blankie that we had to take everywhere today from Walmart to Pizza Hut.)
23. I made this! (Handprint turkey by LW)
24. I need to do this! (Just relax and enjoy the simple things more like watching Chloe read to Layla - love and cherish these moments.)
25. Time (for a Thanksgiving feast at the school with my favorite little Indian.)
26. Wall (the countdown has begun as we hung this up tonight!)
27. I am thankful for this...(every single minute with these two girls and for the best Thanksgiving spent with our family!)
28. Black (and white picture by the Christmas tree waiting in line to see Santa.)
29. So...this happened (The Grinch on Broadway!)
30. I bought this! (When Coleboy was still with us for him to wear but today Buggy wore it.)

Dance Recital

The first Sunday in December Chloe had her Christmas Dance Recital.  The girls did WONDERFUL!  I'm so happy with the new dance teacher this year, she has done amazing with all the girls!  Chloe made us proud up on stage and the whole recital was such a joy to watch! 
My gorgeous girl!!

2 bff beauties!

Chloe's first performance - ballet!

And 2nd performance - hip hop

taking bows

The whole dance crew

The hip hop costume was really cute!

Chloe with her sweet dance teacher, A.

She was excited about her balloon, rose and pony for doing such a great job!

C and M - great job girls!

Monday, December 15, 2014


Here is the infamous Santa picture!!  HAHA I love it! 
I have one VERY similar of Chloe went she was about the same age.

Chloe and Santa.  This year she asked for a loft bed (wow I know!), and a walking puppy dog toy.

And our annual Chloe and Izzy picture!! 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Annual Santa + Mobius Date

For several years now we have made it an annual date with our friends Angela, Izzy and Kenzie to see Santa and go to lunch and Mobius the day after Thanksgiving.  Chloe and I had been talking up Santa for quite awhile now to Layla and showing her pictures of him in hopes she would not cry.  No such luck this year!  She "no like" Santa.  Although now that it's done and over she talks about him and how he gave her candy.  When we show her the picture she says "SANTA!" "Layla crying." HAHA.  Speaking of her saying "Layla crying," these days everything is in 3rd person and a favorite is "Layla do it!"  Sounds more like "yay ya!" Back to our day!  It was another fun one with our sweet friends!  I love how no matter how long Chloe and Izzy have been apart when they are together it's as if they were never apart! 
Silly sisters ready to go see Santa!

The 4 girls - L, C, I and K 

Love these 3 girls!

Mobius!! Layla found the slide!

and then went digging!

Chloe had to get a picture with the Grinch to send to friends McCall and McGuire since we were going to the show the next day!
Thanks again Griffey girls for the fun and FABULOUS day!