Sunday, December 14, 2014

Annual Santa + Mobius Date

For several years now we have made it an annual date with our friends Angela, Izzy and Kenzie to see Santa and go to lunch and Mobius the day after Thanksgiving.  Chloe and I had been talking up Santa for quite awhile now to Layla and showing her pictures of him in hopes she would not cry.  No such luck this year!  She "no like" Santa.  Although now that it's done and over she talks about him and how he gave her candy.  When we show her the picture she says "SANTA!" "Layla crying." HAHA.  Speaking of her saying "Layla crying," these days everything is in 3rd person and a favorite is "Layla do it!"  Sounds more like "yay ya!" Back to our day!  It was another fun one with our sweet friends!  I love how no matter how long Chloe and Izzy have been apart when they are together it's as if they were never apart! 
Silly sisters ready to go see Santa!

The 4 girls - L, C, I and K 

Love these 3 girls!

Mobius!! Layla found the slide!

and then went digging!

Chloe had to get a picture with the Grinch to send to friends McCall and McGuire since we were going to the show the next day!
Thanks again Griffey girls for the fun and FABULOUS day!

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