Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Eve

 Christmas Eve fell on my normal Wednesday off so I was able to spend the day home with my family which I loved.  All the girls in our family made plans to go to Carolyn's to make cookies and do some crafts for the day.  This gave us the perfect opportunity to set up Chloe's loft bed from Santa.  I sent the girls with Grandma over to Carolyn's and I frantically started taking everything out of Chloe's room.  Nana and Poppy came over to help me take her old bed apart in time for Clay and Greg (who built the loft bed for us) to deliver and assemble the new bed!  After we got it all set up I went over to craft with my girls and make cookies.  Later in the afternoon when we came home I had left a note from Santa saying "I left a gift early for you because it was too heavy for my sleigh but I will be back tonight with your other gifts - love Santa." She read that and headed to her room where the look of excitement lit up her face!  Both girls LOVE the bed!!  Now I just need to make curtains for it so she has a little fort underneath.

Around 4pm we headed to Grandma's house to open gifts from her.  The girls were thrilled when they opened new baby dolls from Grandma along with diaper bags and blankets to go along with them.

I love this picture!!

After that we went home to host appetizers at our house for Christmas Eve.  We had the whole family over along with the Barta family which was so fun!

Layla in her new Christmas Eve jammies.  Can you tell daddy picked these out?! HA

Then Auntie D and the Chloe's had to find out where Santa was on his trek.

Layla being silly.

Both girls in their jammies!

Tickle Time!

What it looked like after Santa came!

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  1. Wow, awesome bed! T is also building a lofted bed! It was supposed to be A's big girl bed, but we've done some rearranging and it might go in our new basement playroom. Not sure yet. Looks like you guys had quite a Christmas! Love the girls stockings and jammies!


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