Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dance Recital

The first Sunday in December Chloe had her Christmas Dance Recital.  The girls did WONDERFUL!  I'm so happy with the new dance teacher this year, she has done amazing with all the girls!  Chloe made us proud up on stage and the whole recital was such a joy to watch! 
My gorgeous girl!!

2 bff beauties!

Chloe's first performance - ballet!

And 2nd performance - hip hop

taking bows

The whole dance crew

The hip hop costume was really cute!

Chloe with her sweet dance teacher, A.

She was excited about her balloon, rose and pony for doing such a great job!

C and M - great job girls!

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  1. Pretty girl! They all did such a great job! I LOVED the recital!


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