Thursday, January 29, 2015

a weekend with the Carstensen's

The first weekend in January we went to the Tri-Cities to visit the Carstensen family!  It was such a fun weekend!!  When we arrived on Friday night we met for dinner at a pizza place.  The kids got to make their own pizzas and the food was absolutely delish!  The little's however were busy and wanted to RUN!  So a nice relaxing evening catching up with friends wasn't so relaxing.  After dinner we headed to our hotel where the girls immediately had to go swimming in the pool.  Saturday morning the girls were up bright and early for more swimming and after breakfast Blinn, Addie, Trey and Elle joined us.  Then it was time to get ready for the day.  Clay and Blinn went to this farm/country store that Clay had been wanting to check out while the rest of us got showered and dressed.  When we were ready the girls and I headed over to the Carstensen's house.  Right about then the boys showed up with lunch!  We ate lunch and watched the kids play.  Chloe and Trey play so well together and they are so much alike!  Layla and Elle are so much alike too!!  It's crazy awesome!  After lunch the dads agreed to watch the kids and put the little girls down for a nap while us moms went wine tasting!  It was so much fun to get those couple hours away just me and Addie.  We were able to drink wine and catch up!  We hit the grocery store on the way home for dinner supplies as we decided eating in might be a whole lot more relaxing! (It was!!)  Before dinner though we all headed out to a Trampoline Park where the kids all jumped for an hour.  They loved it!!!  Back at the Carstensen's we enjoyed more wine that we had purchased from our tasting earlier and they made us a super yummy dinner!  The kids were pretty much pooped after that but we did go back to the hotel for one last swim!  The next morning we hit the road early since it had snowed and said good bye to our friends.  What a fabulous weekend with best friends!  We can't wait to do it again!

Anna aka Layla and Elsa aka Elle


Silly dinner faces!


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  1. Fun! There's nothing better than spending time with good friends...especially when they have kids to entertain yours! :)


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