Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas 2014

Chloe woke up on Christmas morning about 6:30 am and was ready to start opening presents.  I guess it could have been earlier - right?!  She immediately went and got Layla out of her crib and they ran into the living room so excited.  We all opened our stockings first....

An Elsa wand!

Elsa and Anna shirt!

One of her favorites for sure of all the gifts.

Then it was on to the presents.

A joint gift - the Elsa Snow Glow Doll.  The song was played over and over and over...:)

"Frozen" jammies!

Chloe's gift to her sissy - an Elsa dress!
And Layla got Chloe a mermaid stuffed doll that she loves.

"Let it GO!"
After the gifts were all opened we started on Chloe's new Lego set so she could play on her new Lego table which was also a huge hit.  Santa did really, really good this year.  We are so blessed.

Grandma bought a prime rib again this year for dinner.  YUMMY!

Buggy helping in the kitchen with her jammies and vest on.

All of the adults bring 1 gift for a gift exchange and we draw numbers and can steal along the way.  It was especially fun this year!  AND I think everyone ended up with something that fit them perfectly too!

HAHA Grammie!

My mom's gifts kept getting stolen - I think 3 different gifts she had at one time!  She ended up with a little coffee sign, homemade coasters and a gift certificate to Some Like it Hot which she loves.  
Clay got an awesome Carhart long sleeve shirt and pistachios - his favorite!
I got a new sign for my house!  Everyone else ended up with great gifts as well. 

Playing on the loft bed more.

Chloe and Layla were supposed to sit at the little table but they didn't like that idea so Clay and I ended up standing and eating.  Next year I'm thinking 2 tables are going to have to be in order!

Carolyn brought the fun poppers with the favors and hats again this year!

Daddy and Chlo - love this picture!

After dinner we played a game.  It was super comical!  Chloe played it at one of her birthday parties she went to this year.  You put ping pong balls in a kleenex box and tie it around your waist.  Then you shake it and see who can get the balls out first!

First up Poppy and Carolyn!

Chloe and Dayna!

Chloe and Grammie

Nana and Grandma

Layla and Chloe
We ALL gave the game a whirl - it was so funny!

Then the girls had more gifts to open from Art and Carolyn and Auntie D. and Uncle Luke.
Waiting patiently for a new baby!

Such an adorable coat that Carolyn found for Buggy!

And a new dress!!  She LOVED this dress.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of our friends and family!!!  We had such a wonderful holiday and hope you all did as well.  Lots of Love - the Hammonds.  xoxox

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  1. Fun! It looks like you guys had such a great time! And your Christmas looks JUST like ours: Frozen pjs, dresses, clothes, etc. etc.! The year of Frozen! Haha :)


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