Friday, January 9, 2015

December Photo a Day

Last month for photo a day in 2014!!!  I can hardly believe I have done this and stuck to it for another year!  I do have to thank my BFF for doing it along with me!  We keep each other going and I probably would have quit if it was not for her!  So THANK YOU Natalie!  I love looking back on these and capturing moments from each day.  Yes sometimes I forget and cheat but still!
December 2014

1. fruit (blueberries - a favorite with my girls.)
2. grass (Hey it's green like grass anyways!  A white trash tree we call this.)
3. pop! (goes the weasel!)
4. free (spirited Layla)
5. Me (and my big girl)
6. Joy is...(listening to Layla laugh at our funny Elf on the shelf and her daily happenings.)
7. weekends are for (shop parties)
8. simple pleasure (watching Chloe perform at her recital today)
9. decoration (tree is finally done!)
10. closed door (opened to find this!  Time to potty train!)
11. something red (L's shirt)
12. skyline (so pretty this morning)
13. much loved (Dora hot wheels that we have had since Chloe was little)
14. drink (L learned how to drink chicken noodle broth from her bowl today)
15. super! (is how Chloe did at her school winter concert tonight!)

16. beautiful (buggy by the Christmas tree)
17. sunshine (and blue skies for days)
18. sign (that Ginger has been busy making a swing today)
19. something to be happy about (a new hat!)
20. food (pretend dinner party)
21. this is interesting (really into painting salt dough ornaments)
22. tis the season to...(work on homemade gifts)
23. tree (again)
24. color (not lacking on Layla's cookie plate!)
25. celebration (a time for making cookies and crafts - on xmas eve)
26. animal (new cheetah boots)
27. I like (the Seahawks and these 2 girls wearing their new sweatshirts!)
28. book (reading together - xoxo)
29. I need less of this...(sickness in January!)
30. us (love her SO much!)
31. my best bit in 2014 (all my time shared and memories made with my most precious girls)

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