Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Photo A Day in January

 The PHOTO A DAY format is different this year.  I don't like different in this case but I always love how my monthly collages turn out so I am going to keep on doing them. 
Here we go - PHOTO A DAY 2015.

 1. the sky (She threw her arms up to "the sky" happy and excited to turn 2!)
2. something yellow (A Bath and Body Works bag next to a happy girl in a hotel bed.)
 3. me today (Enjoying wine tasting with a kindergarten bestie while the dads are with the babes.)
 4. I hear...(Silence.  "But mommy I don't need a nap, I'm not tired." Asleep in 5 minutes tired I call that!)
5. square (Jamberry nails heater.)
6. Round (Chloe's ponytail holder.)
7. currently reading (Chloe is "currently reading" The Magic Treehouse book #2)
 8. landscape (Lego "landscape" being rearranged by Layla Wade. Big sister is gonna be mad!)
9. pattern (Junior cheer girls all in the same cheer shirt ready for their big debut!)
10. Hello (Baby Easton!)
11. I see...(Trouble in a box!)
12. bright (idea to put them in Nana's big bathrub to try and break Chloe's fever while letting Layla play.)
 13. lucky number (NINE!)
 14. new (Slippers! Thanks to a sweet co-workers girl friend that made them.)
15. old (I don't think you are quite "old" enough to fit into my boots yet Layla Wade!)
 16. nature (I think it is just a toddler's "nature" to make a huge mess when painting.)
17. jump (into the pool - it's time for swim lessons!)
 18. Today is...(Seahawks game day!)
 19. homemade (Artwork by Layla and Chloe.)
 20. window (on our "Very Busy Farm" book.  L likes to change it up to have the pig or the horse looking thru as well.)
 21. in a row (Disney princesses in the bathtub)
 22. collection (2014 edition of "At Home with the Hammonds" added to our blurb books!)
 23. something far away (spring and summer feel like they are so "far away" right now with all this fog.)
 24. playtime (peek-a-boo!)
 25. black + white (Our new framed corkboards for Layla's and Chloe's artwork! Black frames with white initials for each girl.)
26.  3 things (Layla, hives all over, and a new baby doll.  No more amoxicillin for this girl!)
27. morning (time for ponytails!)
28. strange (Chloe and her love for all things cheetah)
29. winter (babies bundled up)
30. fav food (veggies with ranch dip!)
31. on top (of her head - buns for swimming.)

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