Thursday, February 5, 2015

Potty Trained!

My baby is officially POTTY TRAINED!!  It was miraculously EASY!  January 14th was a Wednesday and we had got the potty out and had it sitting in the living room. Mostly we had just been talking it up a bunch but that night when Chloe was at Awanas and I was at Zumba daddy got her to go!  She was running around naked getting ready for pajamas when she started telling daddy "diaper on!" "diaper on!" He knew then she had to go so he put her on the potty and she went a tiny bit!  It was enough to make her realize what she was "supposed" to do!  The next day she was with Nana and went on the potty ALL day!  She would just say "nana potty" and off she went!  I am still shocked at how easy and bribe free it has been.  Going poop on the potty did take an extra day or 2 to figure out but once she did that she has been accident free since!  We still put diapers on at nighttime just because it is so many hours but nap it's just panties!  Since Chloe got a new bed for Christmas, Layla has been asking for a big girl bed.  So thinking it would take awhile we promised as soon as she was potty trained she could get one. I was not ready for my baby to be out of her crib! Welp I thought wrong and we hit another milestone this month.  I took the front railing off the crib.  Thinking it would be a DISASTER she again proved me wrong and has stayed in her bed like a big girl at both naptimes and bedtime.  UGH Layla Wade STOP growing up SO FAST!!!  We are all so proud of you! Just know you are still mommy's baby!! XOXO

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  1. Wow you are SO lucky! My second was the easiest. Peanut has been SO hard! She did awesome at first, but then a 10 day road trip put us worse off than when we started! She was finally getting the hang of it again when we did our trip to Florida. She is STILL having occasional accidents, months later. Very frustrating!


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