Sunday, March 8, 2015

Big Girl Room

We transformed Layla's room - from gender neutral nursery to girlie big girl room!  She loves her new room and big girl bed!  I was apprehensive about buying a toddler bed when she could have just kept sleeping in the crib with the rail off but then I found this bed!  I saw it originally on the Land of the Nod website and thought it was so cute!  Not cute enough to spend $399 on though!! I was on Instagram one day and saw another mom posted that Walmart sells the exact same Jenny Lind beds for $99! I felt that price was worth what we would get out of it plus if we would have gone to a twin bed then we would have had to buy a new mattress.  I let Layla pick the color she wanted as they had bright pink, yellow or turquoise.  I love that she picked turquoise - it just totally fits her and her big personality.  Plus it looks super adorable next to the newly coral painted wall!  

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  1. Love the colors! She has a good eye for design. Haha :)


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