Sunday, March 1, 2015

lessons + open swim

The last Saturday in January Aunt Jessi was home so she came to watch Chloe at her swim lesson.  We decided to stay until noon and do open swim so everyone could swim.  I ended up not getting in the water but Layla LOVED the "baby" pool and Chloe had a fun time swimming with Poppy and Jessi in the big pool.  Plus we got to swim with the triplets since they have lessons right before open swim and decided to stay too!  The girls had a blast!
Dr. Layla is ready to go!


I love the buns!

In the baby pool!

O with her purple lips.

S with a big smile!

Layla with a big smile!

"Hey sissy, I've got your goggles on!" HA!

Warming up in the sauna after swimming.

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  1. Fun! We haven't even been to the new pool on base! It looks really nice!


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