Friday, March 6, 2015

McCall ID

On President's weekend, since we all had Monday off, we went to McCall, ID with the Barta-Jessup family.  We left Friday after school about 3:30 pm and made it to Lewiston around dinner time so stopped and ate at the Main Street Grill.  We were seated upstairs in our own private area which was PERFECT so the kids could stretch their legs and Layla could move around.  The food was good and the beer was cold.  I would definitely go back for those sweet potato fries and their homemade special sauces - YUM! We got back on the road after dinner and I was hoping Layla would go to sleep around her normal bedtime but no such luck.  She was pretty much screaming by the time we arrived to get out which wasn't until 10:30 pm so everyone was really tired!  We quickly found our beds and it was lights out.  I forgot to mention that we were staying in Dave's boss' cabin which was SO nice!

We made Layla a bed on the floor of our room.  Here she is with some goggles she found.  HA! 

The next morning the kids immediately wanted to check out the sledding hill that was right by the cabin.  There were 3 tubes on the deck so they all got dressed and we headed out.  The snow was compact and SLICK which made for a fast run.  Clay stood at the bottom catching so the kids didn't hit the street.  Layla went once and decided she liked watching better than doing.

Callie and Ruger - I love this picture of these two smiling!

Dave, Ruger and Layla went to check the neighborhood out.

All the kids minus Layla - Danielle, Chloe, Cam, Callie and Chloe

The beautiful cabin we were lucky to stay in for the weekend!



Layla and her baby - such a good little mommy.

That face!!

Cam! HA!

After tubing we walked around the block.  The owners of the cabin told us about a club house that we could go use that had a hottub, exercise room and sauna. 

The 2 Chloe's climbed a snow mountain on the way back.

Another view of the cabin.

After we all showered and were ready for the day we drove into the town.  McCall is a super cute little town with fun shops.  It was a beautiful day to top it off.  There is a big lodge in McCall called Shore Lodge which is a super nice place to stay.  Here are some pictures from the Lodge....

The Lake was iced over.  There were even people out ice fishing.

Right after this picture Clay threw a snowball and has no aim and hit Chloe in the face.  She SCREAMED!  Let's just say that was a low point in the day.

We walked around town more and had someone take this picture of us - the sun was so bright though we are all squinting.  

Dave is so funny!

Around lunch I could tell my girls were super tired and needed a nap.  Being up so late the night before was hard on them.  Chloe said "but moooommm I'm NOT TIRED." UH HUH!!!

After nap we went to this Sushi restaurant which was DELISH!  Layla was still napping so Clay and her came a bit later.  We were lucky again and got our own private room with a door which was so great!  It pays to have a big group!  We called the "Activity Barn" where we were going to go night tubing but they had closed because of the lack of snow.  Bummer!  So after we ate we went back to the cabin and all the girls went to the hottub and sauna over in the club house while the boys stayed behind and played ping pong.  It was a relaxing evening of enjoying the company of good friends!

The next morning we went to the Pancake House which a friend had told me about these giant cinnamon rolls that the kids would get a kick out of.  The cinnamon roll was HUGE!!!  And probably the best I've ever had!  The breakfast was amazing. 

After breakfast we drove about 20 minutes away to a hot springs.  The road was awful getting up there but it was nice once we arrived.  Layla LOVED it!  She is my little water bug - always wants to be in the hottub or go swimming.  There were 5 pools - the top one REALLY HOT, then the biggest one which was hottub hot, then a sand pool which was bath water hot and 2 more lower pools each getting cooler.  Layla loved the sand pool because she could play in the white sand as well.

All the kids!

I'm so grateful for this girl and our friendship!

Blurry but here is a picture of the pools as they go downhill.

Layla stripping on the way back to the car.

Going back into town I had Clay stop so I could take pictures of this sign.  We love McCall!

When we got back to the cabin the girls went back into town to do more shopping and the boys stayed back and played more ping pong.  Callie went into this shop the day before and made a mosaic coaster to remember McCall by.  It turned out so awesome!  Next time we are all making one!

Then the boys joined us - we had to try and get a better group shot!

I think we succeeded with this one!  
I can't thank these guys enough for such a fun weekend!  We have the best time on trips together!
"Here's to the nights that turned into mornings with the friends that turned into family."

Then it was time to end the weekend with beer and pizza!  The BEST PIZZA EVER I shall say.  If ever in McCall - Crusty's Pizza!!  YUM!

The next morning we cleaned the cabin, did our laundry and headed home.  The 6 hour drive home was long but went pretty fast.  We stopped for a break and to eat burgers halfway in Lewiston.

More pictures of the inside of the cabin....
This bedroom had bunkbeds and a bed. - The two Chloe's slept together on the top bunk and then Danielle took the bottom and Callie took the bed which worked out great! Deana and Dave slept upstairs in the master bedroom and Clay, Layla and I slept in the other bedroom next to this one.  Cam was out on the couch in the living room.

Living room...

and dining area.


Looking to the upstairs/balcony area.

We were so lucky to stay in such a beautiful and cozy cabin for the weekend.  
Thanks so much again Barta-Jessup family and to Dave's boss for the cabin!

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