Thursday, March 12, 2015

More Instagrams in February

No clothes required for coloring.

#flexbreak Working on being the best me in 2015. #ireallylovefood #andbeer #andwine

My lunch date.

We found snow in McCall and are having a blast! #tubing #mccallidaho

In love with this cute town!! #mccallidaho

We had the best time and made some awesome memories with this crew in McCall, ID this weekend!

Sweet Jaydee Lane!  How could I possibly forget when my babies were that little?!  Thanks for the visit Libs - you have two beautiful little girls!

New hair for our Chloe girl!

These are my most favorite days!  Wednesdays at home with my super silly girl playing outside and enjoying the sunshine in her pajamas, bog boots and a life jacket! Prepared for anything;)


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  1. I noticed that you are looking very fit lately! Way to go! I am right there with you! My love of food vs. the desire to be healthy and fit. Oh the constant struggle! :P


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