Saturday, May 23, 2015

More Instagrams in March

More Instagrams in March...
This is a video of Chloe and Layla singing "Uptown Funk" Layla's version sounds like "Uptown Fuk Ya Up" OOPS!

Happy Birthday Clay! We love you so much!

Happy Birthday to one of my best friends!
Here's to another year of camping memories and lots of laughs!! Love you Tami!

Baby girl got her hair cut to be just like big sissy! Now it's mama's turn!!

All the girls in the Hammond housenow have new do's!!

I am back to zumba tonight and St. Patty's Day ready with my new Hippie Runner headband!

Raincoat type of day.

St. Patty's PARTY pre-funk!!

1 deer down with a rifle, 2 down with a muzzleloader...time to try the bow!

Tomorrow is kick-off day so today I'm revealing our #relayforlife2k15 team shirts!!
Who is ready to rock the grey and embrace your inner WONDERWOMAN?!
 Donna's Walking Warrior's get me your shirt sizes! 

These blue cheese fries are gahhhh mazin' #divebarbests

Another fun shuffleboard date night with lots of laughs and too many blue cheese fries!!

Dance recital ready!

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