Friday, May 22, 2015

Photo a Day in March

MARCH 2015

1. starts with R (stroller RIDE)
2. part of me (My other half, who is celebrating his 34th birthday today! Love you Clay!)
3. open (I am always "open" to changing up my hair. Today I chopped it to be like my girls.)
4. geometric (designs on my new Hippie Runner headbands)
5. out the window (blue skies for miles)
6. remedy (to a way overdue hot tub date and sleepover with her bff McCall)
7. sweet (These girls made signs to cheer on McGuire at wrestling today.)
8. young (Gator rides for all! This is what being "young" is all about!)
9. make (What a way to "make" a girls day - buddy Trey came to lunch with Chloe at her school today!)
10. floral (flowers on little girls' pedicured toes)
11. happy place (Layla's is definitely outside lately and she has become quite the pro on this scooter.)
12. details (I am working on some Relay for Life "details" today.)
13. color (Sprinkle shower for baby Jaydee who looks so adorable in that bright pink colored headband.)
14. favorite (picture from our St. Patty's Shenanigans)
15. small (shamrock pudding shots)
16. after (we let the shamrock cookies cool the girls and I frosted and sprinkled them green)

17. hobby (Mine is capturing silly moments like this on my camera.)
18. text (I am working on Relay for Life 2015 - superhero theme.)
19. private (Chloe passed her swim lessons class and since it was just her in the class it was like having "private" lessons.)
20. hand drawn (is how I am rolling this hunting season with my new pink camo bow)
21. sun flare (on my Buggy as we wait for daddy to get done shopping)
22. leaves (none in the yard at the moment because it is Spring)
23. too much (kitten cuteness overload)
24. a treasure (Nana to my girls!)
25. half (Layla is half playing hungry hungry hippos correctly and the other half just opening their mouths herself to feed them the balls!)
26. I love...(my mom so much that I will dress up as a superhero for the Relay kickoff to support her.)
27. something white (the salt on the rim of my coronarita)
28. give (me some Chloe Kay sass!)
29. zen (thank goodness my sick baby is peacefully sleeping now)
30. on my table (wonder woman cups for Relay for Life)
31. two tones (Hippie Runner headband for Relay for Life 2015)
APRIL 1. lunch (exploded all over my floor and my salad spinner broke - bummer!)

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  1. Ah, bummer about the salad spinner! Probably the thing I use most in my kitchen!


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