Saturday, May 16, 2015

Weekend in Leavenworth

The 2nd weekend in April I went on a girls weekend with some of my very best friends to Leavenworth. We were missing our Nicole as she fell ill to the flu but she was with us in spirit! Deana, Natalie and I left around 3:30 pm on Friday to head that way.

When we arrived we went straight to the restaurant "South" to meet up with Addie and Mal! 
Cheers to best friends and girls weekends!

After dinner we went to drop our things at the house we were so lucky to stay in. Mal's dad owns a house in Leavenworth that he just uses as an office. It was great not having to get hotel rooms and we saved a lot of money. Plus it was so fun staying all together in the house! We freshened up and then headed out to have drinks. We arrived at the first bar and Addie said "SHOTS!" Natalie and Deana said "we don't do shots." Right about that time our waiter came over and said "there are 5 of you?" Why yes there was!  SHOT SKI!!!! None of us had done the shot ski before so Deana picked 44 North as the shot and we did it! We stayed and sang karaoke (SHOOP) and had so much fun!

Saturday morning we woke up, ate breakfast and headed up the mountain to hike the Icicle Gorge Trail. It was SO beautiful!!! At one point it started barely snowing almost angelic like. We all really enjoyed the 3 mile hike!

check out the stacked up rocks


I lifted up this log - no worries;)

After the hike we got showered and dressed. In Leavenworth we got a bite to eat first and then went to a winery where we did wine flights. The first winery was so-so but the 2nd one was SO FUN! They had great wine too.

 1st winery

2nd winery

I love this girl so much! Best friends since age 2.

After the 2nd winery we went to the maypole to wait for the horse and carriage ride as we watched it go by all day and wanted to ride! We waited and waited and they never came so we must have been too late. Next time!

Winery #3! Mal and Deana got this yummy wine slushy drink! Cheers!

Winery #4 where we ate a cheese platter and drank more wine.
Then it was time to head to Mal's dad's meat shop and restaurant - Visconti's! He met us there and gave us a tour of the whole meat place and showed us how they cured and processed all the meat. It was very interesting and we even got to sample this meat cup. YUM! After the tour we ate a delicious dinner and headed back to the house. The next morning we got up early and headed for home. We had the best girls weekend full of girl talk, wine and fun! I loved every minute and can't wait to do it again!

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  1. That looks so fun! You are so lucky to have close friends like that!


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