Sunday, June 21, 2015

More Instagrams in April

More Instagrams in April...
Every girl needs a boy best friend!

First stop on our Chloe/ cocoa!! #girlsday #springbreak

Video - Most adorable ABC's I've ever heard!

Karaoke - SHOOP!

Sisters by choice - can't imagine this day without these two!

If you see this cute lil' strawberry out and about today we are #pickourbattles so don't mind that she maybe wearing an 18 month old Halloween costume.

Loved my view on our walk this morning. Layla + Raylee

Sisters on Soccer Saturday

My family LOVES dehydrated apples, so another batch is in the works!

First bike excited!!

Video - Hope she loves her new bikes as much as she loves this scooter!!

Jason Aldean tonight!!

#ALDEAN #burnitdown

These are the best days!

Gorgeous evening for a family bike ride!

Video - Our day according to Layla.

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