Friday, June 19, 2015

Photo a Day in April

APRIL 2015
1. Lunch (exploded all over my floor and my salad spinner broke - bummer!)
2. Building (Relay for Life teams)
3. This is good (Birthday party shenanigans! Happy 7th birthday Samatha!)
4. I stood here (and watched these three play in their fort and pretend to be mama Easter bunny, papa Easter bunny and little Easter bunny.)
5. Egg (Chloe was the only one at church today to participate in the egg hunt so she got a whole bag FULL of eggs and candy!)
6. A shape (square pink sunglasses)
7. Beauty (Girls night + wine + Girl Scout cookies!)
8. Breakfast (hot cocoa)
9. Inspired (to have milkshakes after Subway since the soda fountain is right there and chocolate chip cookie dough is callign our names!)
10. Dark (red wine)
11. This smells so good (meat cup from "Cured by Visconti" in Leavenworth)
12. Something green (the stem on top of her lil' strawberry costume head.)
13. Paper (list of wines at Swakane Winery)
14. Up (It doesn't appear that she is ready to get "up" from nap yet.)
15. Dinner (meat cup at "CURED" in Leavenworth. So good it almost spoiled our real dinner.)
16. Where I Work (WSDOT)

17. An ordinary moment (All of my best ordinary moments that I will remember my dad by are at the river.)
18. Fluffy (One of Nana's and Poppy's new kittens.)
19. Together (Hammond + Odenrider kids playing on this Sunday.)
20. This happened (Saturday night at the preschool auction.)
21. Season (for soccer!)
22. Mess (Layla is a hot mess express when she falls asleep in the truck and doesn't get her nap out!)
23. Snack (chips and salsa)
24. Fill the frame (with these sweet sisters reading together.)
25. I sat here (and watched these girls snuggle up to stay warm while waiting to play soccer.)
26. 4 o'clock (outside play time!)
27. In my bedroom (Layla's)
28. Prepare (for tomorrow by taking a bath tonight.)
29. I walked here (behind Grandma and Chloe and thought how sweet my girl is to always be holding Grandma's hand.)
30. Need (to take these Wonder Woman headbands to the soccer game on Saturday!)

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  1. Great pictures! I've been meaning to ask how your mom is doing. I've only seen her a few times at dance events and such but she seems like such a sweet person!


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