Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Last day of 1st grade

Last day of 1st grade! Chloe had such a good year and I think a large part of that is from having such a great teacher! We loved Mrs. Fisk!
Here is a comparison of the 1st day of school vs. the last day of school. Not a ton has changed besides her hair is shorter and she has more teeth!
More last day! We are so proud of you Chloe Kay! On to 2nd grade!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

More Instagrams in May

More Instagrams in May...
Soccer Saturday! These girls rocked the wonder woman headbands for grandma Donna today!
#relayforlife2k15 #donnaswalkingwarriors

Curtains are up on Chloe's loft bed!! Thank you grandma Sherry, she loves them!
Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro, CINCO DE MAYO!!

Perfect night celebrating Grandma's birthday!
You mean the world to us and we love you so much grandma!

Mother's Day weekend camping and 4-wheeling! #camping2k15

Video of Layla singing..."You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are GRAPE." Haha

Cheers to good times, good friends and kicking cancers butt!
 #GRAYInMay #donnaswalkingwarriors #wonderwoman #relayforlife2k15


Spring concert ready!

Another tooth bites the dust...#10 #toothfairyiscoming

Time to FLY!

We made it! Our first time flyer did so great! Here is 1st flight vs 2nd flight. She was excited all the way to Seattle and slept the entire 2nd flight to CA.

Minnie's autograph!
#happiestplaceintheworld #disneyland2k15 #minniemouse

Love from Disney!

Dumbo ride!


In love with their new American Dolls!

Swimming in California.

California Girls.

Look who I found in CA!! One of my very best friends since preschool!
We had so much fun visiting today!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Photo a Day in May

1. Want (a sombaro like this one! Happy Cinco de Mayo party tonight.)
2. Faceless self-portrait (guess who?!)
3. A cup of...(wonderwoman!)
4. Today I saw (my favorite 2 Chloe's)
5. Red (pants for pictures)
6. 10 o'clock (hanging on Grandma's front porch enjoying the sun)
7. Key (to grandma's heart is her Chloe! Happy Birthday Grandma!)
8. Four things (1. TGIF 2. We are sporting our Wonderwoman shirts 3. I love these girls 4. We are leaving to go camping today!)
9. Peaceful (at the top of the mountain from our campsite)
10. Playground (the woods this weekend is our big playground)
11. Upside-down (The kids built their own fire and boiled water while camping this weekend)
12. Eyes (all you can see if their eyes with those helmets on)
13. Hands (Chloe started her Relay for Life fundraiser this week. We started with 30 hair ties and she has 130 sold!)
14. Heart (if you think my hands are full you should see my HEART)
15. I found this...(picture of these girls on a text today)
16. Clean (great clean fun at the Shogun with these lovely ladies! It's been 21 years since we were last here together. What a fun night!)
17. Home (at its best - Sunday evening corn on the cob)
18. Musical (Chloe is ready for her spring concert! And of course Layla had to have her striped dress on and picture taken too!)
19. My mood today (happy and free spirited like this little girl)
20. Equal (These girls are equally obsessed with always being together!)
21. In a drawer (this will go to always cherish from my Chloe Kay)
22. Weather (gorgeous and perfect for taking this group photo for my mom and our Relay team!)
23. Good times (with my zumba girls)
24. Rule of thirds (thumbs up for 3 cheers)
25. Lucky (to be called mom by these beautiful girls)
26. Daily ritual (going to the airport and getting suitcase rides is NOT something we get to do daily)
27. Borrowed (a horse on the carrousel for a ride)
28. Pink (Chloe's shirt)
29. Starts with S (sleeping baby)
30. Over there (putting their toes in the sand)
31. HA HA HA (giving me that big ol' smile of hers!)

Friday, September 25, 2015

Day 5 & 6 California

On Day 4 was Saturday in California and Megan's high school graduation. It was an outdoor, all girls high school graduation. It was very nice and not too long. After the ceremony we went back to Bilbao's housing community and went swimming in the pool. Well I should say the girls went swimming because it actually wasn't too hot that day. My high school friend Kyra, who is currently living not far from the Bilbao's came to visit me! It was SO nice catching up and hanging out with her and her husband. Clay and I really enjoyed our time with them. When they left we wanted to take the girls to the beach one last time (we were flying out on Sunday) so back to Seal Beach we went. It was pretty windy at the beach so we didn't stay too long but we still had fun. Back at Bilbao's their neighbor had stopped by for the graduation party and said he would take us out on his little boat!! The girls were thrilled! They had so much fun and we even got to see a seal! Before we said our goodbyes and went back to the hotel for the last time Marc let Clay drive his Porche! Oh boy let me tell you I heard about that for days after, he thought that was so cool!
The graduate!!

Looking out into the canal with grammy from Bilbao's back porch.

Seal Beach - daddy, Layla, Nana and Chloe

Sweet sisters.

Look at my seashells!

The boat!

Uncle Marc and Buggy

This was cool seeing these competition sail boats lined up!

Chloe driving!

And Layla had to drive too.

Day 5 our vacation came to an end as we got on the airplane and headed home.
Some fun memories that we will always remember were made on this vacation!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Day 4 California

 On Day 3 in California we went to Bilbao's new house to help get things ready for Megan's graduation party the following day. It was a little chaotic since there were construction workers all throughout the house working. You will see them in the background of the next few pictures! Grammy was making cupcakes so of course the girls wanted to help with that, you know licking the spoons and bowls.

Besides the construction worker in the background and the fact that Grammy isn't looking this is a great picture of Megan and the girls!

After helping most of the day we went back to the hotel to swim! 


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day 3 California

Day 2 in California involved driving to the American Girl store. What we thought would take about 45 minutes really took close to 2 hours. What were we thinking?! It was well worth the California traffic and long trip once the girls stepped foot in the store. They were in complete awe and loved every minute. Chloe took her original American Girl that grandma had gotten for her on her last birthday. We saw online that she could get her hair styled and so that's what she wanted to do. I shall note that Chloe had been saving all year for this trip because she has wanted another doll. Grandma had been giving her money for every 100% spelling test. This place is no joke - EXPENSIVE!! With Chloe's money, Grandma pitching in to get Layla a doll, and Nana and Poppy buying puppies to go along with the dolls we dropped some cash! I have loved watching how much the girls play with their dolls though so I guess it was worth it.
American Girl store

With their new dolls! Chloe picked "Kit" and Layla picked "Julie."
It's funny but the dolls look just like each girl - Kit with short hair like Chloe and Julie with long hair and 1 little braid like Layla.

Chloe watching her original doll, Isabelle getting her hair styled.

I love watching the girls together and how Layla has to copy big sister.

After we got done at the American Girl Store we walked down the street to this really neat market. We sat down and had a super yummy lunch. I wish we would have had more time to look around but the guys wanted to get going to the beach! Next stop Seal Beach!

When we arrived the girls RAN to the ocean!

This was both girls' first time at the ocean!
Here they are putting their toes in with Nana.

Poppy, Layla, Nana and Chloe

Playing in the ocean with daddy!

Hi Buggy!

And with mommy. What was I thinking wearing a dress?!

This picture makes me laugh - the girls faces.

Before we left we walked out to the Pier.
I love our little family!