Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day 3 California

Day 2 in California involved driving to the American Girl store. What we thought would take about 45 minutes really took close to 2 hours. What were we thinking?! It was well worth the California traffic and long trip once the girls stepped foot in the store. They were in complete awe and loved every minute. Chloe took her original American Girl that grandma had gotten for her on her last birthday. We saw online that she could get her hair styled and so that's what she wanted to do. I shall note that Chloe had been saving all year for this trip because she has wanted another doll. Grandma had been giving her money for every 100% spelling test. This place is no joke - EXPENSIVE!! With Chloe's money, Grandma pitching in to get Layla a doll, and Nana and Poppy buying puppies to go along with the dolls we dropped some cash! I have loved watching how much the girls play with their dolls though so I guess it was worth it.
American Girl store

With their new dolls! Chloe picked "Kit" and Layla picked "Julie."
It's funny but the dolls look just like each girl - Kit with short hair like Chloe and Julie with long hair and 1 little braid like Layla.

Chloe watching her original doll, Isabelle getting her hair styled.

I love watching the girls together and how Layla has to copy big sister.

After we got done at the American Girl Store we walked down the street to this really neat market. We sat down and had a super yummy lunch. I wish we would have had more time to look around but the guys wanted to get going to the beach! Next stop Seal Beach!

When we arrived the girls RAN to the ocean!

This was both girls' first time at the ocean!
Here they are putting their toes in with Nana.

Poppy, Layla, Nana and Chloe

Playing in the ocean with daddy!

Hi Buggy!

And with mommy. What was I thinking wearing a dress?!

This picture makes me laugh - the girls faces.

Before we left we walked out to the Pier.
I love our little family!

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  1. Such a cute family picture! I love Layla's ladybug suit! SO cute! I have heard the American Girl store is crazy expensive! Since our girls aren't super into dolls I've made sure they don't know such a store exists. Haha :) The doll hair salon cracked me up. That would be a funny job to have!...doll stylist! Haha :)


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