Monday, September 28, 2015

Photo a Day in May

1. Want (a sombaro like this one! Happy Cinco de Mayo party tonight.)
2. Faceless self-portrait (guess who?!)
3. A cup of...(wonderwoman!)
4. Today I saw (my favorite 2 Chloe's)
5. Red (pants for pictures)
6. 10 o'clock (hanging on Grandma's front porch enjoying the sun)
7. Key (to grandma's heart is her Chloe! Happy Birthday Grandma!)
8. Four things (1. TGIF 2. We are sporting our Wonderwoman shirts 3. I love these girls 4. We are leaving to go camping today!)
9. Peaceful (at the top of the mountain from our campsite)
10. Playground (the woods this weekend is our big playground)
11. Upside-down (The kids built their own fire and boiled water while camping this weekend)
12. Eyes (all you can see if their eyes with those helmets on)
13. Hands (Chloe started her Relay for Life fundraiser this week. We started with 30 hair ties and she has 130 sold!)
14. Heart (if you think my hands are full you should see my HEART)
15. I found this...(picture of these girls on a text today)
16. Clean (great clean fun at the Shogun with these lovely ladies! It's been 21 years since we were last here together. What a fun night!)
17. Home (at its best - Sunday evening corn on the cob)
18. Musical (Chloe is ready for her spring concert! And of course Layla had to have her striped dress on and picture taken too!)
19. My mood today (happy and free spirited like this little girl)
20. Equal (These girls are equally obsessed with always being together!)
21. In a drawer (this will go to always cherish from my Chloe Kay)
22. Weather (gorgeous and perfect for taking this group photo for my mom and our Relay team!)
23. Good times (with my zumba girls)
24. Rule of thirds (thumbs up for 3 cheers)
25. Lucky (to be called mom by these beautiful girls)
26. Daily ritual (going to the airport and getting suitcase rides is NOT something we get to do daily)
27. Borrowed (a horse on the carrousel for a ride)
28. Pink (Chloe's shirt)
29. Starts with S (sleeping baby)
30. Over there (putting their toes in the sand)
31. HA HA HA (giving me that big ol' smile of hers!)

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