Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Birthday Weekend (Friday)

 Last year we were camping in Montana over Chloe's birthday weekend so this year she really wanted to go camping again. We originally planned on going over by Sandpoint but the fires had been so bad and the smoke was awful in that area. We instead stayed close to home and just went down to Fort Spokane. It was another fun-filled Barta/Hammond camping trip. We towed the trailers down on Thursday night to make sure we could get spots and we ended up getting these two upper loop spots across from one another that were awesome. They were even away from everyone which was even better. Since I took so many pictures this weekend I'm going to split it up into the 3 days. Here is take 1 or also known as Friday night camping pictures!
Layla with her tough feet on her scooter.


Where are you headed Layla Wade?

1, 2, 3...JUMP!

Chloe cannonball!

Chloe B. jump!

I love this picture!

Deana splashing Buggy around.

Back at the trailers after dinner we got out the glow glasses leftover from the relay.


And then it was PEACE OUT Friday night!

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  1. Fun! We didn't get to go camping at all this summer! :( We had plans to go in August and a weekend in Sept. and both were canceled because of the fires. Such a horrible summer for fires!


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