Thursday, October 8, 2015

Photo a Day in June

June was full of ups and downs, highs and lows but we made it thru and still managed to make some memories.
JUNE 2015
 1. Many (SOOO many good memories made in California this last week with these girls.)
2. Looking up (my wardrobe, and the girl's too is looking up after this LuLaRoe party I hosted tonight.)
3. Silly (Layla girl swinging at Barta's.)
4. Starts with B (Layla and her BABY in the BATH.)
5. Looking down (on a kitty kissing girl.)
6. Who I am (MOM to these amazing and silly girls.)
7. Forgotten (The secrets between sisters and their bond will never be forgotten.)
8. Sadness (How Buggy looked last Thursday night with a fever. Friday appointment confirmed double ear infections. She is now on the mend!)
9. Disgust (Chloe's look of disgust - HA!)
10. Anger (no such thing when it's the last day of school and these girls are off to the pool!)
11. Fear (none for this girl in the water - eeks!)
12. Joy (Relay for LIfe day - let's celebrate Grandma!)
13. On my mind (I can't help it but as I am away tonight it's these 2 that are on my mind!)
14. Makes me feel good (The outdoors, hiking in the sunshine with friends and this view!)
15. Sun (was not as hot as I thought it would be in CA!)
16. Anything (Dad's house before and after. New paint and new windows!)

17. Lunchtime (too tired to eat.)
18. Local (We sure wish this sweet friend of Chloe's was more local so we could see her more often!)
19. 9 o'clock (Friday selfies)
20. What I'm doing now (Disneyland reminiscing!)
21. Wet (at Seal Beach)
22. Money (I bet money this is where my girls will spend a whole lot of time this summer, in Nana's and Poppy's new swimming pool!)
23. View (from a camping trip Chloe got to go solo on last weekend.)
24. In the garden (flower garden since I don't have a real garden.)
25. Depth of field (behind our house)
26. Gift (like no other is a Grandma's love for her granddaughters.)
27. Mini (Clay! Has to be into everything and can't sit still for a single second.)
28. Orange (on my Chloe's swimsuit. Thanks Barta's for taking my girls to the river!)
29. Animal (here kitty, kitty, kitty.)
30. Design (a little decorating in the garage for a sleepover with the kitties at Barta's.)

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