Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Relay for Life 2K15

I am cherishing these pictures and this event because it was my mom's last hoorah! She gave all her strength and energy into the Relay and it was so awesome and amazing watching her walk that survivor lap! So many people came out to support her and do this walk with her, so many people just plain love her. My mom, she is a hero and I think our Wonder Woman theme fit just perfectly.
Uncle Eldred, my mom's half brother from South Dakota was there!

Grandma and her girls.

So much love right here!

Uncle Eldred and his wife Aunt Jackie with mom and Aunt Patty photo bombing in the back.

Uncle Jerry, Uncle Eldred and the McCullough sisters - Aunt Carol, Aunt Patty, mom and Aunt Ilene

The crew before the walk

The two Chloe girls!

My friend Kaylynn, who I graduated with. She is a survivor and warrior too!

Layla has already ditched her shoes. We can't keep them on her!

Watch out, Layla is pushing Grandma!

Mom waking the survivor lap! She did about 1/2 of 1 lap! So proud of her.

I love this picture because she is grooving to the music as we go and seems so happy!

Check out her posse!

Cheers to my mama!

Donna's Walking Warriors!

Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting my mom! 

Chloe's turn to push Grandma.
 These two have always shared a special bond.

Grandma has a whole crew of little girls supporting her.

Scavenger hunt time! 

Girls against boys - trading secrets.

Getting a clue from Angela

Layla how did you get SO DIRTY??? "I dunno?!"



When it got dark we got out the glow sticks and glow glasses.

Layla Wade!! HAHA

Layla and daddy


Chloe's luminary for Grandma.

It was great Relay for Life and we couldn't have done it without all the love and support of our family, friends and community!

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  1. Such neat pictures! I truly wish I could have known your mom. I know so many people who just adored her and thought the world of her!


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