Monday, November 2, 2015

Birthday Weekend (Sunday)

Sunday was my most favorite day of the whole camping weekend! We woke up and were out on Barta's boat by about 9am. First thing - TUBING! BRRR it was still pretty chilly at this point but the girls didn't seem to care. We took a ride up to where all the mountain goats hang out and that was cool to watch them. Then we headed to the Palisades where we took turns jumping off the rock ledge. This day was just SO FUN! It was relaxing and awesome hanging out with great friends.

Barta in a lifejacket diaper - HAHA!

My favorite 7 year old!

Layla crashed out as we cruised back to the boat launch.

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  1. That looks so nice and relaxing! Makes me wish it were still summer!


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