Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pioneer Days

The Carstensen's were back up for Pioneer Days on July 18th. All the kids wanted to be in the kiddie parade of course. The little girls, Elle and Layla were too adorable dressed alike scooter riding while the big kids rode their bikes.

Ready, set, GO!

Elle had a melt down and only made it over the start line but Layla continued scootering on until she found daddy, Nana and Poppy about half way thru and stopped.

Chloe, Joel, Layla and Sami waitng for candy.

After the parade we went and got tattoos.

It was a fun morning that was continued on in the afternoon with Chloe's birthday party....

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  1. Love the matching dresses! So cute. Did those tattoos take forever?? We got them two years ago and it took like 45 minutes. There were only two kids in front of us so I didn't think it would take that long but the guy was super slow. Good thing they lasted a while and the girls liked them. Haha :)


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