Monday, November 16, 2015

Riverfront Park

On July 15th our favorite Tri-Cities bffs were in Davenport for a visit so we went to lunch in Spokane and Riverfront Park. We made some awesome memories on this perfect day with our buddies.
The 2 bigs pushing the 2 littles.

Elle and Layla

First ride!

Next up airplanes!! Trey!


Layla and Chloe

Then it was Bumper Boats. The little girls looked SO tiny in these but had a blast.

These two LOVE each other! This was a random hug moment caught on camera.

Then there was the OCTOPUS!

Back to the as Layla would call them "HAIRPLANES"

Waiting their turn for the train.
I have pictures from my 5th or 6th birthday riding this same exact train in Riverfront park. 


Then Nicole, McGuire and McCall joined us! First thing the big girls wanted to ride the "Dragon!" I also have many memories on this ride as well!

This picture makes me laugh "mom we want to go AGAIN!!!"

Sure but let me take your picture first;)

Then it was time for snowcones!

The crew!

These two little are soooo silly!
Last up the Carousal!

Back up to being silly together!

We love our friends and days like these!!
This happened in about 5 minutes from departure.


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