Sunday, December 13, 2015

A day on the Houseboat

On Sunday August 9th we went with our friends on their parents houseboat to spend a day on the lake. It was a mild day in the 70s so not too hot and not too cold. We started off to find a beach...

Once there Layla started digging in the sand with all of the sand toys. 

Then Chloe caught a frog.

The houseboat had a slide off the back which the kids LOVED!

And then there was just plain ol' jumping off the back!

Layla striped her suit and got in the water. Nakey bums.

This is a whew that's cold!! HAHA

AWE soft and squishy.

Floating on the tube with mommy.

Silly faces.

And now nakey with a life jacket on - HA!!

The big kids went tubing!

The boat movement put Layla right to sleep.

More swimming fun!

Tami and I got pulled around on the tube by the big kids. 

Dad's relaxing on the beach.

One more haha sorry so funny!

We buried the kids in the sand - Joel!

We had such a fun and relaxing day at the beach!! Thank you so much Odenrider family!


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