Thursday, December 17, 2015

Camping & The Hiawatha Trail

My birthday just happened to fall on Labor Day weekend this year. I didn't know how I would feel on my birthday without my mom because she always made my day so special! Clay, bless his heart planned a weekend getaway. Literally all I did was pack clothes for myself and Layla.  Clay and Chloe took care of the rest! We headed to Idaho with our trailer to go camping and bike the Hiawatha Trail, which we have been wanting to do. The Barta family came with us too! Here we are packed and ready to go on Friday after I got off work!

By time we arrived in Wallace on Friday night it was dark and we weren't even sure where camping would be available. We stopped and had dinner at a great restaurant and asked the waitresses where we should go. They told us instead of turning right where the ski lodge was turn left and there would be camping along the road. We took her advice and followed the road until we came to a dead end which turned out to be the PERFECT spot for us to set up. We believe this road to be the old highway because we could hear cars going by not far away. Here is our view from the morning...

Saturday, my birthday, we woke up and had a big breakfast. It was cold and dreary and then as the day went on it started to rain. The boys went out to do some hunting so us girls headed into Wallace to browse all the little shops. We weren't gone that long, as I started getting a migraine which was a complete bummer. I came back and took a nap which helped.

When I woke up I felt a little better. The kids wanted to ride bikes so we took the crew up to the top of the hill to do a trial Hiawatha down to the trailers.

Ready, Set, GO!

Dave found something to kill.

It started raining again around dinner so we all got into our trailer and played card games. Here everyone sang happy birthday to me. Clay swears he packed candles but we couldn't find them so a stick would do for me to blow out. HAHA And yes Layla was pouting.

Glow glasses!

Sunday morning we got up and rode the Hiawatha!!! It was COLD but a beautiful and fun bike ride.
The trail is 15 miles long with 10 train tunnels and 7 sky high trestles. The 1.66 mile long St. Paul Pass Tunnel, also known as the Taft Tunnel, is the highlight of the trail. The best part is the whole thing is it's downhill. With this being said we thought the girls would be fine but they got a little tired and crabby toward the end. Their little bikes don't coast like ours so they were constantly pedaling the whole time. Layla was ready to get out of the bike seat as well. All in all it was so much fun!

Dave with his hard hat! HAHA You HAVE to have a helmet on the trail and we thought we had grabbed enough but were short one. Thank goodness Dave had this hard hat in his truck to wear. Way to be safe Barta;)

I love this crew!! Thanks for making my birthday weekend special.

The tunnels were so dark especially the one that is over a mile and a half. You had to have head lamps to be able to see. Made it fun though!

After we made it to the bottom a bus was there to take us back to the top. When we arrived at our trucks and trailers we got out a bunch of food and had lunch before we headed home from a great weekend. Layla was asleep not long after we left.

Thank you guys for a super fun weekend and celebrating my birthday with me! I missed my mom but you all made my day special anyways. Even the rain didn't stop us from having fun. Looking forward to riding this trail again in the future!

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  1. Cute pictures! Love the hard hat. Haha :) The trail looks so beautiful! I've always wanted to bike it. Maybe someday...


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