Monday, December 14, 2015

Photo a Day in August

In August we enjoyed the sunshine and outdoors as much as possible before it was back to school first thing in September.
AUGUST 2015 
 1. Fiction (is like riding this real moose.)
2. A little moment (with Grandma's resting place at the cemetery.)
3. Words (Luckiest Girl! And the book I'm currently reading.)
4. On the shelf (my latest Pinot's painting.)
5. Something purple (background color/waterfall at Qwest. Froyo date!)
6. What I wish for (more beautiful evening skies reminding me that life is so good!)
7. Quirky (girls floating on blowups in the pool with towels on top trying to warm up.)
8. Door (my favorite doors in the our house that hide the office mess.)
9. Perfect (day on a houseboat with great friends!)
10. In my hand (a paintbrush! Throwback to our Pinot's date.)
11. Technology (forget it - a big red shoe makes these kids happy!)
12. Center (of me and Nicole's worlds.)
13. Something beautiful (my girls playing "school" together.)
14. 8 o'clock (popcorn and movie on this Friday night.)
15. News (Layla Wade is ready for dance classes! Look at that toe tap.)
16. Shadow (Layla to Chloe - doing what she tells her to do like pulling her with a bungee.)

17. Inside (making paddle boats because it's too smoky to play outside.)
18. A logo (on Chloe's new backpack)
19. Hat (on Chloe Kay)
20. Surprise (haha)
21. M is for...(McCall! Playdate at Nana's this week with zucchini brownies.)
22. Path (thru our new fence)
23. Lighting (in the bathtub)
24. On my desk (calendar, wallet, phone and cash)
25. 2 things (Care Bear TV trays that I remember fondly from my childhood. My girls discovered them this week.)
26. Charming (morning at the park with my favorites! I love this picture and all the people in it!)
27. Communicate (talking bout' belly buttons.)
28. Daily Life (naps are still part of our daily life.)
29. Handwriting (Chloe's with help from her babysitter Kyra.)
30. I do this on weekends (wear blingy belts that are twice my size - Layla.)
31.Warm (sisters hugs) 

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