Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Photo a Day in July

 July was full of friends surrounding us with love as we missed Grandma. We know all she would have wanted was us to keep smiling so that's what we did! This month I dedicate to her. XO
JULY 2015
 1. In the house (Annie 2 on the big screen! Perfect movie date with these friends.)
2. Signed. Sealed. Delivered. (My mom aka Grandma into God's hands. We honored her today with a Celebration of Life and luncheon. Always in our hearts she will remain.)
3. Outing (to Nana's and Poppy's pool!)
4. Red, White, Blue. (Happy 4th of July from the Hammond girls)
5. Me today (reminiscing on yesterday's festivities.)
6. My name
7. Minimalistic (give them a wheelchair and they are entertained for days...)
8. Inside my fridge (a new staple...Sriracha!)
9. Street (was chalked blue by our house on the day of the color run.)
10. My story (will always include my mom and her smile!)
11. Late (night camping the night before leads to a nap like this.)
12. Early (morning flip flop fix while camping)
13. Calm (and relaxing evening with my 3 preschool best friends)
14. Chaos (in the Castensen burban' on our way to Riverfront Park!)
15. On my mind (my momma - always and forever. This picture was "accidentally" taken by my friend as I said goodbye. It's a picture that is hard for me to see but I also find it beautiful.)
 16. Starts with T (playdate/lunch date in the park with TREY!) 
17. Special (my girls!!)
18. Book (We will put this paper in Layla's book - swim lessons certificate for passing level 1 mommy and me swim. Good Job Buggy!)
19. Sign (that we gave to our teachers this year.)
20. Car (This mama bought a 4Runner yesterday with a 3rd row seat!! Yay for being able to take more kiddos and friends!)
21. Real ("Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person that you are.")
22. Fake (that this happened recently - really it was on July 2nd!)
23. Toy (who needs one when you have kittens!)
24. Bloom (my sweet Chloe has really grown this year and I don't know how she turned 7 before our very eyes!)
25. Two of us (from our little Hammond family and best of all friends and sisters.)
26. Negative space (in the pool.)
27. Clouds (during Chloe's riding lesson tonight.)
28. Looking in (Chloe H thru Chloe B's legs)
29. Looking out (onto the river.)
30. Trash (our Pinot's paintings turned out good so they most definitely won't be going in the trash!)
31. I bought it! (Pedicures for the girls)

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