Monday, December 28, 2015


We went as a family and with a bunch of friends to Silverwood this year. Chloe had her free ticket from reading so many books in the 1st grade and since Layla is under 3 she was free. We waited until one of the last weekends it is open, September 20th, because after Boulder Beach closes the adult tickets become half price too. We seriously had the most fun day! There was hardly anyone there that day so there was no waiting in lines at all and the weather was absolutely perfect.
Here are all the kids as we headed in!

Sami and Layla

Waiting to get on the bumper cars.

I love Chloe's big laugh in these next few pictures!

Next we drove the cars.
Tami and Joel.

Girls Car!
Log ride! Clay said when it started ticking up that hill Layla freaked. She did not like the log ride! "Mommy that's cary!!!"

Watching for sissy to come down on the log ride.
 Layla rides!

Bumper Boats!

Lunch - the whole crew!

Train ride.

  I love these sweet friends.

Clay and I were ready for some rollercoasters! First up - the corkscrew!

See us - look for the bald head. HA! SO FUN! After the girls saw us go Chloe, McCall and Sawyer wanted to try it. They LOVED it! After having fun here we headed to Thunder Canyon and Clay, Chloe, McCall, Sawyer and I did that coaster. It was a little too much for the little girls though.

Back to the little rides for Buggy!

After a FULL day of FUN it was time to head home.
We are already looking forward to going again next year!
Chloe's like "peace out" Silverwood!

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  1. Such great pictures! It looks like you had a blast! I need to try that next year...going after Boulder Beach is closed. We went there for the first time in like 10 years this summer and we only stayed in Boulder Beach for two hours. They had way more fun on the rides!


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