Sunday, January 31, 2016

Chloe Barta's Birthday PARTY

Chloe Barta's 9th Birthday PARTY!!
Olaf piñata.

Olaf went down but no candy came out SOOOO he had to get revamped a little. HA!

This picture is a little blurry but I just love my girls and their bond.

The new and improved Olaf piñata!

Happy 9th sweet girl!! We love you!

Presents! Layla in there with all the big girls cause she thinks she is one of them!

Frozen on Ice

After the Sugar Rush we went home and changed and went back to Spokane for Frozen on Ice that afternoon! Nicole and I took McCall, Chloe, Layla and Chloe Barta since McGuire didn't want to go. This was the BEST show I have seen on ice so far. Layla absolutely LOVED it! She squealed at the end from excitement and was talking about it for days after. I am so happy we were able to take her to this and Chloe thought it was pretty cool too.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sugar Rush 5K

Deana, Nicole and I participated in the Sugar Rush 5K in November with our girls. We all dressed up in Seahawks gear and ran/walked it. At the end you get all sorts of chocolate from hot chocolate to chocolate pizza! This was such a fun event and the girls loved it! (especially the end) I think we will definitely sign up for it again next year!
Chloe, McCall and Chloe
We thought it might rain so Deana got us the umbrella hats for protection - haha!
Instead of raining it was sunny and gorgeous!
Ready, Set...GO!

A photographer at the run captured this sweet picture of the girls running thru the finish line holding hands.
And then they finished again with McCall!
We did it!
They had a super cute photo booth set up!

Love all these girls!

Monday, January 25, 2016

More Instagrams in October

More Instagrams in October...
Throwback Thursday - Halloween 2014

Pumpkins!!! Fun day with the fambam at Greenbluff!

And my heart just burst!!
I left this message for Chloe yesterday and came home today to find she had responded. 

CIRCUS!! Thanks for inviting us to tag along Natalie and triplets!

My fox and my deer.

Dance costumes + YouTube + lots of giggles! Nothing I'd rather be listening to tonight!

Happy Fri-YAY!

The last of her costume arrived today and like that she's Maleficent!!
#chloekay #maleficent #halloween2k15

Photo a Day in October

October is always one of my most favorite months because it is full of fall fun!
1. oops (not enough ribbon to go around the whole ponytail. Half pony ribboned and still adorable and ready for soccer girls!)
2. Garden (of pumpkins at Greenbluff.)
3. I saw this! (2 soccer girls ready to play!)
4. Tradition (hunting together each year.)
5. A is for...(Antlers)
6. B is for...(Bicycle! A new one with pedals. She loves it and is off pedaling.)
7. C is for...(Chloe Kay)
8. D is for...(Dance)
9. E is for...(Elephants! At the circus.)
10. F is for...(Furry friends - the fox and the deer.)
11. G is for...(giggling girls)
12. H is for...(house...for sale!)
13. I is for...(the white I in fruit - on a field trip today with Chloe Kay, who is standing under the I! and her class at Walter's Fruit Ranch.)
14. J is for...(Just a Pinterest total fail.)
15. K is for...(Kitty Chloe on Halloween at 6 months old.)
16. L is for...(Layla Wade)

17. M is for...(mom's day out - sushi lunch date and painting at Pinot's Palette afterwards.)
18. N is for...(not pretty!)
19. O is for...(Owl. Buggy's costume this year.)
20. P is for...(Pinterest Project!)
21. Q is for...(Rodeo Queen with heels)
22. R is for...(Rack! Nice one daddy!)
23. S is for...(SMILE)
24. T is for...(Trick or Treat pumpkin carving night.)
25. U is for...(unbelievable, I just finished my first half marathon!)
26. V is for...(Very cute! I repainted the girl's room and added the mirror and their names. I love how it turned out!)
27. W is for...(Will run for Wine! The headbands we rocked at the half marathon.)
28. X is for...(X-tra special girl right here! Pajama day at preschool.)
29. Y is for...(Yay!! Everything for her Maleficent costume arrived just in time for Halloween.)
30. Z is for...(Zany hair and makeup for our Witch Halloween Party tonight!)
31. One (happy little owl ready to go trick or treating!)


Halloween fell on a Saturday this year which was so nice!! Chloe had a soccer game in the morning and then we had friends over for pizza before we headed out trick or treating. It was rainy so we mostly drove house to house but the girls still had a blast. Layla LOVED Halloween this year!
The photo booth was still up from the witch party the night before so it was perfect for taking our Halloween pictures!


Auntie D always gets the girls a little Halloween treat instead of candy which is so sweet of her!
Layla with her little stuffed owl! 

And the 2 Chloe's got stuffed kitties!

The girls with Sawyer ready to go!

We had to stop and see Art the Pirate! Layla wouldn't go anywhere near him! ARRGGG haha

Layla's loot!

Chloe's loot!
Such a fun-filled Halloween with so much candy!

Witch Party

Danita and I have always wanted to host a costume party. BUT since we have lame (yes Clay and Luke you are LAME) husbands that don't want to dress up we decided to host a girls only party. We had a "Witch" theme so everyone had to dress up as some sort of witch. I must say the girls got more creative than we even thought they would! Danita and I took the day off work and went to Spokane to have our hair and make-up done which was super fun!! We decorated with a photo booth, had a costume contest for best witch and had a scavenger hunt around town. Then it was just good old girl time with music, snacks and drinks. We had such a fun evening that we are already thinking up themes for next year!!
All of the witches!
Group photo!

Addie - winner of the costume contest for being a SAND-WITCH

All 3 Sand-witches!
The hosts with the winner!

Scavenger hunt group winners!

Team #2
More photos!!

Sarah hand made her AWESOME Ursula costume!

Scavenger - get a picture with Art the Pirate!

Scavenger - go to a haunted house!

Scavenger - take a picture with one of the hots!

One of the scavenger hunt clues was to go to the grocery store and take a picture on a broom!