Wednesday, January 6, 2016


We made our annual trip to Greenbluff in October. This year Nana, Poppy and Grammy joined us. It was a gorgeous day and so warm. I don't think we have ever worn shorts in October to Greenbluff before! But it was THAT nice out! We had a good time riding the pedal karts first.

Poppy went around the track with Layla thinking she would need help but she didn't - she pedaled so well!

Next up choo choo ride!

Corn maze to the castle!

Found it!

Time to get a pumpkin!

Next stop was Harvest House where we ate lunch and took our annual "how tall this fall" pictures.

The sun was SO BRIGHT!

That trip wore the baby out! What a fun day!!

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  1. We should have gone to Siemer's this year. It's my favorite, but we wanted to try something new. Still fun, but next year we'll be headed up there instead!


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