Monday, January 25, 2016


Halloween fell on a Saturday this year which was so nice!! Chloe had a soccer game in the morning and then we had friends over for pizza before we headed out trick or treating. It was rainy so we mostly drove house to house but the girls still had a blast. Layla LOVED Halloween this year!
The photo booth was still up from the witch party the night before so it was perfect for taking our Halloween pictures!


Auntie D always gets the girls a little Halloween treat instead of candy which is so sweet of her!
Layla with her little stuffed owl! 

And the 2 Chloe's got stuffed kitties!

The girls with Sawyer ready to go!

We had to stop and see Art the Pirate! Layla wouldn't go anywhere near him! ARRGGG haha

Layla's loot!

Chloe's loot!
Such a fun-filled Halloween with so much candy!

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