Monday, January 25, 2016

Photo a Day in October

October is always one of my most favorite months because it is full of fall fun!
1. oops (not enough ribbon to go around the whole ponytail. Half pony ribboned and still adorable and ready for soccer girls!)
2. Garden (of pumpkins at Greenbluff.)
3. I saw this! (2 soccer girls ready to play!)
4. Tradition (hunting together each year.)
5. A is for...(Antlers)
6. B is for...(Bicycle! A new one with pedals. She loves it and is off pedaling.)
7. C is for...(Chloe Kay)
8. D is for...(Dance)
9. E is for...(Elephants! At the circus.)
10. F is for...(Furry friends - the fox and the deer.)
11. G is for...(giggling girls)
12. H is for...(house...for sale!)
13. I is for...(the white I in fruit - on a field trip today with Chloe Kay, who is standing under the I! and her class at Walter's Fruit Ranch.)
14. J is for...(Just a Pinterest total fail.)
15. K is for...(Kitty Chloe on Halloween at 6 months old.)
16. L is for...(Layla Wade)

17. M is for...(mom's day out - sushi lunch date and painting at Pinot's Palette afterwards.)
18. N is for...(not pretty!)
19. O is for...(Owl. Buggy's costume this year.)
20. P is for...(Pinterest Project!)
21. Q is for...(Rodeo Queen with heels)
22. R is for...(Rack! Nice one daddy!)
23. S is for...(SMILE)
24. T is for...(Trick or Treat pumpkin carving night.)
25. U is for...(unbelievable, I just finished my first half marathon!)
26. V is for...(Very cute! I repainted the girl's room and added the mirror and their names. I love how it turned out!)
27. W is for...(Will run for Wine! The headbands we rocked at the half marathon.)
28. X is for...(X-tra special girl right here! Pajama day at preschool.)
29. Y is for...(Yay!! Everything for her Maleficent costume arrived just in time for Halloween.)
30. Z is for...(Zany hair and makeup for our Witch Halloween Party tonight!)
31. One (happy little owl ready to go trick or treating!)

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