Monday, January 25, 2016

Witch Party

Danita and I have always wanted to host a costume party. BUT since we have lame (yes Clay and Luke you are LAME) husbands that don't want to dress up we decided to host a girls only party. We had a "Witch" theme so everyone had to dress up as some sort of witch. I must say the girls got more creative than we even thought they would! Danita and I took the day off work and went to Spokane to have our hair and make-up done which was super fun!! We decorated with a photo booth, had a costume contest for best witch and had a scavenger hunt around town. Then it was just good old girl time with music, snacks and drinks. We had such a fun evening that we are already thinking up themes for next year!!
All of the witches!
Group photo!

Addie - winner of the costume contest for being a SAND-WITCH

All 3 Sand-witches!
The hosts with the winner!

Scavenger hunt group winners!

Team #2
More photos!!

Sarah hand made her AWESOME Ursula costume!

Scavenger - get a picture with Art the Pirate!

Scavenger - go to a haunted house!

Scavenger - take a picture with one of the hots!

One of the scavenger hunt clues was to go to the grocery store and take a picture on a broom! 


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