Monday, February 29, 2016

Hawk Creek Hike

On Sunday February 7th we went for a morning hike down at Hawk Creek. It ended up being a beautiful morning! The sun came out, the dogs swam and we got some exercise. A perfect start to the day before we went and ate a bunch of munchies and watched the Superbowl.

The hiking crew!

Layla and the dogs - Oakley, Maggie and Rugger


Deana her girl.

My runner girl in the front - she ran pretty much the entire time and beat us back to the car.

This girl on the other hand wanted carried.

The dogs loved swimming, especially Maggie. Made for a stinky ride home!

The falls in the background was so pretty!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

swim lessons

Every winter for the past few years we have had Chloe in swim lessons at the Base. This year we were excited to have both girls signed up but it didn't work out. They didn't have enough instructors this year so we only got 1 lesson for 4 weeks. We decided since Chloe is doing so well swimming that Layla needed it more. She started the first Saturday in February and was very excited about it! What's awesome is that it is private lessons so she gets teacher Christie all to herself!
Is it time to go yet??!

Let's swim! Can you tell she is excited??!

She did SO well at her first lesson! She went under water and did all the different strokes that her teacher taught her. Way to go Buggy!!!

Friday, February 26, 2016

More Instagrams in January

A couple more Instagrams in January and some duplicates because they are my favorites.
A daddy date at Build a Bear.

Then a Frozen Sing Along at the Bing Crosby Theatre with mommy!
Good day for Layla Wade!

You two can stop growing up now!!

My most favorite room in our house at the moment is this one. I love it for 2 reasons...1.) That my girls WANT to be sharing a room even with such an age difference, their bond is nothing I imagined. 2.) The matching beds, nightstand and mirror came from my angel mama's house. She would love that the girls are enjoying these beds and the girls love that they are grandma's! It's truly a room full of love!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Photo a Day in January

Another year has started and so quickly another month has come to an end. This month we celebrated Layla's 3rd birthday, enjoyed the snow, and made more memories! 

1. Black + White (a house cleaning, American Doll playing sort of day.)
2. What I did today (celebrated this girl turning 3!!! Build a Bear with daddy and a Frozen Sing Along with mommy!)
3. Water (in the bathtub.)
4. Circle (tube makes for some awesome sledding.)
5. Leaves (throwback picture to Layla's birthday. Her blue frosted cake "leaves" you with blue teeth.)
6. Something blue (my crazy awesome sleep pattern last night according to my Fitbit.)
7. Reading (on their Kindles.)
8. Landscape (snowy.)
9. Shoes (I tried to find the perfect shoes for Layla's 3 year photos and didn't find exactly what I wanted. These brown fuzzy boots will have to do.)
10. Lucky (to be called mommy by these little girls!)
11. Outdoors (a girl and her dog.)
12. Something I wore (Layla - this number 3 shirt that Chloe wore at her 3rd birthday party.)
13.Three of a kind (Chloe and her 3 American Dolls.)
14. Close-up (of a sweet napping girl.)
15. Mail (The girls already have their Valentine mailboxes out for mail delivery.)
16. Chair (that my girls fight over constantly!)

17. Faceless (hiding under that hat that is too big.)
18. White (placemats, marshmallows and whipped cream. Hot cocoa + a play date.)
19. In the hand (sled rope.)
20. Patterns (of heart candies on birthday cupcakes for Layla's preschool class and her teacher's birthday.)
21. Morning (when jammies, crazy hair and messy faces are acceptable!)
22. Night (when cuddles are always welcome and we often fall asleep together.)
23. Play (Chloe was so excited when she was invited to be in the play or musical I shall say! Here she is with the other fish and JoJo in Seussical the Musical.)
24. Window (in the background of a silly-faced crafting Chloe Kay.)
25. Numbers (on my net diary. Trying to track my food intake again to lose  my Christmas 10! Yikes.)
26. Simplicity (they simply and genuinely love each other.)
27. Telephone (where I find random videos and pictures like this one!)
28. Smile (Chloe was excited to see this Leopard and wanted her picture taken with it! SMILE!)
29. Home (with Elsa and Anna)
30. Flat Lay (Painting and crackers.)
31. Me (Wife to high school sweetheart Clay, mama to Chloe Kay and Layla Wade, lover of coffee, family and friends! I am so blessed in this life.)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Biddy Ball

Chloe had biddy ball practice every Saturday morning at 7am in January. Then the last Saturday of the month they showed us what they learned during the halftime of the high school girls basketball game. While basketball is not her favorite I think she still enjoyed the practices and had fun.
Biddy Ballers


While we were waiting for halftime Chloe was so good watching over Layla. Once again she amazes me and is the best big sister. The girls were playing duck, duck, goose and they totally included Layla and let her catch them. One day I'm sure she won't want little sis hanging but until then I enjoy watching them together.

Time to go!


Taking turns trying for a basket. Chloe made 1 - YAY!!! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Seussical the Musical

Chloe was invited to be in the high school musical in January, "Seussical the Musical." They had multiple performances over the Martin Luther King weekend, Jan 14-18. Chloe and 3 of her classmates and friends were fish. Then she also had another part in the 2nd Act where she got lifted up by the strong man in the circus. She did so well and made us very proud. I'm sure this is the first of many plays to come as she loved every single minute of it. GO FISH!


Monday, February 22, 2016

Layla's Day

January 2nd was all about Layla! We took her to Spokane to celebrate her birthday. The Barta crew came with us as well which made the day even more fun!
First up the dads took the girls to Build a Bear!
Deana and I went and got pedicures while they had their daddy date. We heard it was SO MUCH FUN! The girls loved it and had so much fun making their bears.

Layla with her Anna Bear and daddy!

All three girls with their bears.   

After Build a Bear we all went to lunch and then Layla and I had a date at The Bing Crosby Theatre to see the "Frozen Sing Along." There was a real life Sven and all the characters were dressed up and singing. We got to meet Anna out in the hallway and she told Layla that she loved her dress. Layla absolutely LOVED this. She had the best day and even told us "that was a fun day!"

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Layla Wade 3 year pictures

Oh Ginny, you captured my sweet Layla Wade at age 3 so perfectly!! I am in love with these pictures and our beautiful girl! Happy, sweet, busy, sassy, loving, bossy, funny, 3 year old Layla Wade Hammond.